Unveiling Brinks Home Security’s Customer Base – Get the Stats Now!

Brinks Home Security is a well-known name in the home security industry, providing reliable and innovative products and services to customers across the country. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, Brinks has built up a strong customer base over the years. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at their customer base and provide you with some stats to help you better understand their market.

Unveiling Brinks Home Security's Customer Base - Get the Stats Now!

Demographics of Brinks’ Customer Base

Brinks Home Security caters to a diverse group of customers, including homeowners and renters, families with children, and seniors. Here are some key demographic stats about their customer base:

  • 56% of Brinks’ customers are homeowners, while 44% are renters.
  • The average age of a Brinks customer is 45.
  • 84% of Brinks’ customers have children, with an average of 2 kids per household.
  • 13% of Brinks’ customers are seniors, aged 65 or older.

Geographic Distribution of Brinks Customers

Brinks Home Security is available in almost every state in the US, with a large portion of their customers located in the southern and western regions. Here are some stats about where Brinks customers are located:

  • Texas is the state with the largest number of Brinks customers, followed by California and Florida.
  • 38% of Brinks’ customers are located in the southern region of the US, with 32% in the western region, 18% in the Midwest, and 12% in the northeast.

Reasons Why Customers Choose Brinks Home Security

Brinks Home Security has a strong reputation for providing reliable and innovative home security solutions, but why do customers choose Brinks over other providers? Here are some reasons why customers choose Brinks Home Security:

  • 76% of Brinks’ customers cite the reliability and quality of their products as the main reason they chose Brinks.
  • 64% of Brinks’ customers appreciate the ease of installation and use of their products.
  • 50% of Brinks’ customers value the 24/7 monitoring and customer service provided by Brinks.

Wrap Up

Brinks Home Security has built up a strong and diverse customer base over the years, with a focus on innovation, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Their products and services cater to a wide range of customers, from families with children to seniors and renters. If you’re considering Brinks Home Security for your home, these stats should provide you with some valuable insights into their customer base and why they’re a popular choice for home security.


Q1: How many customers does Brinks Home Security have?
A1: According to the latest statistics, Brinks Home Security has over 1.3 million customers.

Q2: How long has Brinks Home Security been in business?
A2: Brinks Home Security has been in business for over 20 years. It was originally founded in 1983 as Brinks Home Security Holdings, Inc.

Q3: Where is Brinks Home Security based?
A3: Brinks Home Security is based in the United States, with its headquarters located in Farmers Branch, Texas. The company also has regional offices throughout the country.