Unlocking Your Brinks 3-Digit Lock: Simple Reset Guide

If you have a Brinks 3-digit combination lock, then it’s important to know how to reset and unlock it in case you forget your combination or want to change it. Luckily, resetting and unlocking this type of lock is relatively easy if you follow the steps below.

Unlocking Your Brinks 3-Digit Lock: Simple Reset Guide

Characteristics of a Brinks 3-Digit Combination Lock

Before we dive into the reset guide, let’s first understand what makes up a Brinks 3-digit combination lock. The main features are:

  • Three rotating dials with numbers ranging from 0-9
  • A shackle that can be locked in place when the correct combination is set
  • The ability to set and reset combinations as desired

Now that we have an understanding of what makes up this type of lock let’s move on to resetting and unlocking it.

Resetting Your Brinks Combination Lock

To reset your Brinks lock, do the following:

  1. Set your dial so that all three digits read “0.”

  2. Press down on the shackle until you hear a click sound indicating that it’s unlocked.

  3. Turn one wheel at a time clockwise (away from “0”) until they stop turning.

  4. Now turn each wheel counterclockwise (toward “0”) slowly while checking for any resistance or tension before moving onto the next digit.

  5. Once all three wheels have been turned counterclockwise without resistance or tension stopping them then rotate each number dial back to zero position again one by one.

  6. Finally pull up on top half of shackle starting at last set digit position until fully extended past locking point returning firmly back into locked position once complete.

Your new combination has now been set!

Unlocking Your Brinks Combination Lock

To unlock your newly-resetted Brinks lock using your new code:

  1. Rotate each number dial to the correct combination.

  2. Pull up on top half of shackle starting at last set digit position until fully extended past locking point with anticipation of alignment for easy closure once unlocking is confirmed.

  3. The lock will open with a click sound once all digits are correctly inputted and the shackle is properly released from its locked position.

If you forget your new combination or enter it incorrectly, no worries! Simply continue trying different combinations until you get it right again.

Tips for Using Your Brinks Combination Lock

  • To ensure maximum security, keep your lock’s combination private and don’t write down your code unless necessary.
  • Try to use numbers that aren’t easily guessed such as birthdays, anniversaries or repeating patterns like 111 or 123.
  • Always double-check when setting a new combination to avoid having to reset it frequently due to errors during setup process.
  • Clean each wheel after use as dirt and grime can accumulate causing difficult functionality over time.


Resetting and unlocking a Brinks 3-digit combination lock using this simple guide should now be an easy task for you if required so always remember these steps even if there’s no need currently, because you never know what could happen tomorrow! Keep your valuables safe by ensuring that someone else doesn’t accidentally stumble upon your confidential information leading them into tampering with belongings secured under protection of this versatile padlock.


Sure, here are 3 popular FAQs with answers for “Unlocking Your Brinks 3-Digit Lock: Simple Reset Guide”:
1. Q: I forgot my combination for my Brinks 3-digit lock. How can I reset it?
A: To reset your combination, you will need to have the lock open first. Next, locate the small reset lever on the inside of the shackle and use a pen or other pointed object to push it down until you hear a click sound. While holding down the lever, set your new desired combination by turning the dials in any order that you prefer. Release the reset lever when finished and check if your new combination works.

Q: Can I change my Brinks 3-digit lock’s combination without opening it?
A: No, you cannot change your Brinks 3-digit lock’s combination without first opening it with its previously set code or using bolt cutters as last resort.

3.Q:Is there a way to disable/reset/turn off an alarm on a Brink combo padlock
A:No,there is no way to turn off or disable an alarm on a Brinks combo padlock. The only way to silence an alarm if activated intentionally or unintentionally is to enter correct combination that unlocks this padlock.

These answers are based on general information about resetting and unlocking standard 3-digit locks from Brinks companies but may not work effectively for all specific models within their product categories; refer to manufacturer instructions before attempting any action relating locking mechanism of your particular model/product.