Unlocking the Code: How to Change a 3-Digit Combination Lock

Unlocking the Code: How to Change a 3-Digit Combination Lock


Combination locks are commonly used to secure everything from gym lockers to bike chains. While they are simple and effective, many people find themselves struggling with the process of changing the combination. In this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to change a 3-digit combination lock.

Understanding Your Lock

Before attempting to change your lock’s combination, it is important to understand its basic function. A typical 3-digit combination lock consists of a dial with numbers ranging from 0-39, which must be rotated in a specific sequence in order to open the lock.

Steps for Changing Your Combination Lock

  1. Reset the Lock – Turn the dial on your combination lock three times clockwise so that “0” lines up as closely as possible with the indicator line.
  2. Choose New Combination Numbers – Decide on three new numbers for your new combination.
  3. Set Up First Number – Starting from left, turn dial until first number aligns with indicator line.
  4. Set Up Second Number – Rotate dial clockwise until second digit is aligned with indicator line.
  5. Set Up Third Number – Rotate dial counterclockwise until third digit is aligned with indicator line.
  6. Test Your New Combination – Check if your new code opens and closes smoothly by turning back and forth several times.


  • Remember that small movements of only one digit at a time can make all difference between creating or cracking unique combinations!
  • Practice makes perfect! It may take some time before you get comfortable doing it without looking at instructions.

By following these simple steps, you can successfully change the code on most 3-digit combination locks.


While it may seem daunting at first, changing your own combination code is straightforward once you understand how these types of locks work.Throughout our UClocks resources and tutorials, we strive to give our audience accurate information and helpful tips on smart home devices. Remember that if you ever get locked out of your combination lock or have trouble resetting it, refer back to this guide for step-by-step instructions.


Can I change the combination on a 3-digit combination lock?
Answer: Yes, you can change the combination on many 3-digit combination locks. The process may vary slightly depending on the specific model and manufacturer of your lock, but it typically involves resetting the lock to its default settings and then creating a new code.

How do I reset my 3-digit combination lock?
Answer: To reset your 3-digit combination lock, locate the small reset button or lever usually found near the dials or wheels that display your current code. Press and hold this button or lever while turning each dial to its “reset” position (usually marked with an arrow). Once all of the dials are set to “reset,” release the button/lever and input your desired new code.

What if I forget my new combination after changing it?
Answer: If you forget your new combination after changing it, there are a few possible solutions depending on your specific situation:

Check with the manufacturer for any default codes that might work
Try out different combinations based on patterns you might have used when initially setting up the code.
If none of these methods work, contact a locksmith who should be able to help you open/reset your lock without damaging it.