Unlocking a Sentry Safe Digital Lock Box: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you own a Sentry Safe digital lock box, chances are you rely on it to keep important documents, valuable items, or even firearms secure. However, what if you forget the combination or lose the key? Do not worry; there is still a way to unlock your safe and access your belongings. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock your Sentry Safe digital lock box.

Unlocking a Sentry Safe Digital Lock Box: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Identify Your Sentry Safe Model

Before attempting any unlocking methods, make sure you know your Sentry Safe model number. The model number can usually be found on the front of the safe or stamped on the bottom of the unit.

Step 2: Try Your Default Code

Most Sentry Safes come with a default code that can be used to open the safe if you have lost or forgotten your personal code. You can find this default code in your owner’s manual or online by searching for “Sentry Safe default code + [your model number].” If successful, proceed directly to step 6 below.

Step 3: Use Your Override Key

If trying the default code doesn’t work, locate your override key – this should have been included when you purchased your safe. Insert this key into its designated slot located either underneath or behind the keypad/lock assembly panel.


Once inserted firmly into place rotate it either left/right until it stops midway (approx 90 degrees):

  • For Electromechanical locks (most common type) – Pull outwards

  • For Biometric and RFID reader-based locks release latch and remove cover from battery compartment inside.(use screwdriver)


After completing steps above go ahead using one of these methods:

  • Pushing down (solenoid will click/buzz)


  • Turning/rotating handle depending upon version of locking mechanism used.

Step 4: Use a Nail File

If you do not have your override key handy, you can try to use a nail file instead. Make sure the file is small enough to fit into the safe’s keyhole. Insert it into the keyhole and wiggle it back and forth while turning the dial.

Step 5: Call a Locksmith

If none of the above methods work, contact a certified locksmith who specializes in opening safes. They should be able to open your Sentry Safe without causing damage.

Step 6: Reset Your Code

Once you have successfully opened your Sentry Safe, reset your personal code by following the instructions in your owner’s manual or online.

By following these steps, you will be able to unlock your Sentry Safe digital lock box and retrieve your belongings safely. Remember to keep your code and override key in a secure place where they can be easily accessed if needed in future situations.


Sure, here are 3 popular FAQs with answers for “Unlocking a Sentry Safe Digital Lock Box: A Step-by-Step Guide”:

What should I do if my Sentry safe digital lock box won’t open even after I enter the correct code?
Answer: If your Sentry safe digital lock box won’t open even after you enter the correct code, there could be several reasons for this. First, make sure that the batteries in your lock box aren’t dead or low on charge. Try replacing them and attempting to unlock the safe again. If that doesn’t work, feel free to contact Sentry’s customer support team for further assistance.

Can I reset my digital lock code on my own?
Answer: Yes! You can easily reset the combination of your Sentry Safe digital lock by following a few simple steps outlined in our guide. However, keep in mind that different models may have slightly different instructions so it is important to refer to the user manual specific to your model of digital lock.

Is it possible to change or update my digital combination without going through an extensive process?
Answer: Absolutely! Changing or updating the combination for a Sentry Safe Digital Lock is relatively easy as long as you follow some simple guidelines which we outline in our step-by-step guide above . Make sure you refer always carefully read and follow any specific instructions provided by manufacturer when handling new technology products like digitla locks/changing passwords, etc.,