Unlocking a Master Lock: How to Open 4-Digit Combination with Code

Unlocking a Master Lock: How to Open 4-Digit Combination with Code


Master Locks are popular padlocks known for their durability and security. However, if you have forgotten the code to open your lock or accidentally changed it, don’t worry— there are simple ways to unlock your Master Lock without damaging it. In this article, we will cover how to open a four-digit combination Master Lock using different methods so that you can regain access quickly and easily.

Method 1: Using Trial-and-Error

One of the simplest solutions is trying all possible combination codes until one works. This method is time-consuming but effective in unlocking most types of locks.


  1. Align the dials so that they show “0000”.
  2. Turn the first dial counterclockwise until you hear or feel a click.
  3. Repeat step two for each dial until you reach the fourth dial.
  4. Once all four dials are clicked into place, try pulling up on the shackle (the curved part of the lock’s body).
  5. If successful, note down this combination in case you forget them again in future.

Method 2: Using a Shim

A shim is an object inserted between the shackle and locking mechanism of a padlock to release its latch without requiring a key or correct combination code.


  1. Insert one end of shim between shackle and body from above.
  2. Push shim further into lock by twisting gently back and forth.
  3. When fully inserted, twist both ends of shim simultaneously until they meet in middle inside lock.
    4 The shackle should now be free; pull up on it to release locking mechanism.

Note: While this method won’t damage your master locks other than small cosmetic scratch marks around site where inserting/shimmed used at because forcing longer/broader objects could cause internal damage or even break the lock.

Method 3: Using a Lock Picking Set

Lock picking sets, also known as lock pick tools, are used to manipulate the pins inside the locking mechanism of a padlock until they align with each other and allow the shackle to move freely.


  1. Insert tension wrench into bottom part of keyway.
  2. Apply pressure using tension wrench in clockwise direction.
  3. Insert lock pick tool above the first pin from front (closest to where key goes in).
  4. Keep applying upward pressure on each pin slowly and one at time until all pins are lifted as far up as possible.
    5.The shackle should release when all pins lift completely.

Note that mastering this method requires practice and patience.

Method 4: Contacting Manufacturer

If you still cannot open your Master Lock after trying all methods mentioned above, you can contact the manufacturer for further assistance.. Master Lock customer service may be able to provide additional guidance on how to unlock your specific model or send replacement keys if authorized.

In conclusion, forgetting or accidentally changing combination code for master locks is frustrating but it doesn’t have to lead to damaging them unnecessarily.While attempting any unlocking methods always use caution not damage your locks beyond repair following proper techniques.And always write down new combinations in secure location when solved so avoid future frustration.With these methods,you should be able retrieve access easily again without costly repairs/replacements involved!


Sure! Here are three popular FAQs with answers related to unlocking a Master Lock using a 4-digit combination code:

Q: What if I forgot my combination code?
A: If you forget your combination code, it can be frustrating but there are some options. First, try to remember or guess the correct combination by going through numbers that may have been significant to you when you set up the lock. If all else fails, you can try some default codes provided by Master Lock or hire a locksmith to help open the lock.

Q: How do I properly enter the combination code?
A: To enter the correct combination on a Master Lock 4-digit padlock, turn the dial clockwise at least four times until it stops in line with zero. Then turn the dial counterclockwise and stop when you reach your first number in line with zero again. Turn clockwise to align with second number and so on until all four digits are aligned.

Q: How long does it take to crack a 4-digit combination lock?
A: Depending on an individual’s skill level and method chosen, cracking a 4-digit numeric lock may only take seconds up to several minutes or more without destructive methods such as breaking open manually or using power tools for instance drills cutters etc.It’s important not only choose strong enough combinations that would ensure protection of belongings from theft but also protecting these locks from crashing forces applied via different types of attacks like hammering freezing liquid nitrogen cutting grinding et cetera