Unlocking a 3 Digit Number Lock: Expert Tips and Tricks

Are you having trouble unlocking your 3 digit number lock? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! You don’t necessarily have to be an expert locksmith to unlock these locks. In this article, we’ll provide some smart tips and tricks that can help anyone unlock their 3 digit number lock.

Unlocking a 3 Digit Number Lock: Expert Tips and Tricks

Understanding the Basics of Number Locks

Before diving into the unlocking process, it’s important to understand how these locks work. A typical 3 digit number lock consists of three rotating dials with numbers from 0-9. To open the lock, all three dials must be set on the correct combination of numbers.

Tips for Cracking a Combination Lock

Here are some expert tips and tricks for cracking a combination lock:

Tip #1: Try All Possible Combinations

The simplest solution is to try out all possible combinations – there are only 1,000 combinations in total (10 x 10 x10). It may sound time-consuming but if you start at ‘000’ and go through each combination until ‘999’, then you will eventually crack the code.

Tip #2: Narrow Down Your Choices

If trying every possible combination isn’t feasible or practical for you, try narrowing down your choices by following these steps:
– Start by holding tension on the shackle towards opening up.
– Turn one dial at a time slowly while holding resistance on shackle until any notch/portation gives more resistance than others.
– Continue doing this marking down each noted location as they show increased tension till all wheels turn individually stop increasing tension.
– On most models notches should line up when dialed correctly allowing proper release of shackle

Tip #3: Use Advanced Techniques

There are several advanced techniques that can help pick or bypass many common types of combination locks without damage.

  • Pull And Spin: One of the ways to open these locks is to pull on the shackle while rotating the wheels. You’ll hear a click sound when you get one number correct, and after doing this for all three numbers, your lock should open.
  • Leverage: This method requires inserting a shim or tool into the lock’s shackle area and pushing down on it while turning each dial at a time. When you hit the right combination, you’ll feel that the shim/tool moves into or past an obstruction in each wheel space.
  • Soda Can Hack: Cut up an old soda can just enough size where it will fit in between both parts of shackle (when inserted upside down only) then turn slowly through all possible combinations until finding sweet spot which unlocks device.


In conclusion, unlocking 3 digit number locks may seem like a daunting task, but with some patience and knowledge about how these locks work, anyone can do it. Whether you’re trying every possible combination or using advanced techniques like pulling and spinning or leverage methods,
we hope that our expert tips and tricks have helped you unlock your 3-digit number lock successfully!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers for ‘Unlocking a 3 Digit Number Lock: Expert Tips and Tricks’.

Q: How can I open a 3-digit number lock if I forgot the combination?
A: If you forget the combination of your 3-digit number lock, try using the default factory code (usually 000 or 123). If this does not work, you may need to use a bolt cutter or contact a professional locksmith.

Q: Can I reset my own combination on a 3-digit number lock?
A: Yes, most 3-digit number locks allow you to reset your own combination by following manufacturer instructions. This usually involves inserting a pin into a small hole and holding it as you turn the dials to your desired new combination.

Q: My child accidentally locked our luggage with our valuable inside and we don’t know how to unlock it – what should we do?
A: You can try using common default combinations such as “000” or “123”, which often works on many types of inexpensive luggage locks. Alternatively, search online for specific methods for that model of lock or take your luggage to a professional locksmith who can help you get it unlocked without damaging it.

These are some basic tips and tricks that can help in unlocking three-digits numeric padlock especially when someone has forgotten their password/passcode/combination. But in case none of these methods work one should always seek professional assistance from an expert locksmith who is trained in opening various sorts of locks without causing any damage whatsoever