Unlock Your Security with GMAT: The Ultimate 3-Digit Code

As more and more homeowners embrace the convenience of smart home technology, ensuring security has become increasingly important. Smart locks are a great way to enhance your home security by eliminating the need for keys and allowing you to control access remotely. One popular form of smart lock is the keypad lock, which enables users to enter a code instead of using a physical key.

However, not all keypad locks are created equal. If you’re in the market for a keypad lock, one option worth considering is the GMAT Smart Lock. Here’s why:

Unlock Your Security with GMAT: The Ultimate 3-Digit Code

What Is GMAT?

GMAT (short for Genius Mobile Access Technology) allows you to control access to your home from anywhere via an app on your smartphone or tablet. With GMAT Smart Locks installed on your front door or other entry points, you can grant temporary or permanent access codes through an easy-to-use mobile app.

Benefits of Using GMAT Smart Locks

There are many benefits to using GMAT Smart Locks:

  • Flexibility: You can generate access codes that work for specific times and dates.
  • Security: The 3-digit code ensures that only authorized users have access.
  • Convenience: You don’t need physical keys anymore – just use your phone!
  • Control: Grant or revoke user permissions instantly from anywhere at any time.

In addition to these benefits, using smart locks like those provided by GMAT also correlates with insurance discounts as well as increased resale value thanks to greater peace-of-mind for potential future buyers.

How Does It Work?

GMAT uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology along with world-class encryption algorithms (AES128-bit) combined with special communication protocols between its cloud-based system and each individual device paired up with it across accounts — meaning nobody else within proximity could ever accidentally gain unintended digital entry into someone’s property.

GMAT’s easy and intuitive app interface is compatible with all Android and iOS phones or tablet devices. It lets you grant access to friends, family members, or service providers like cleaners while you’re away from home. Plus, the GMAT Smart Locks are equipped with a 3-Digit Code Keypad which simplifies access for users.

Steps To Install The GMAT Smart Lock

Here’s how to install your GMAT smart lock:

  1. Remove your existing deadbolt
  2. Install the GMAT mounting plate on the door
  3. Attach the interior assembly of the lock onto the mounting plate
  4. Connect wiring if needed
  5. Add batteries (which should last around a year)
  6. Download the free GMAT app and follow instructions given

Once installed, using your keypad code will allow authorized entry into your home – ensuring that only those who have been granted specific permissions can enter.


If you’re looking for enhanced security features in a smart lock solution, look no further than GMAT Smart Locks! With its user-friendly mobile app, flexible control over access codes, and top-notch security protocols, it provides an ideal solution for homeowners seeking peace-of-mind when securing their homes through smart technology.

And remember- never skimp on security!


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