Unlock Your Possibilities: 3-Digit Key Number Lock 147-189

Are you tired of losing your keys or worrying about who has access to your home or possessions? A 3-digit key number lock may be the solution for you. The model we will explore in this article is the Lock 147-189, which offers a secure and convenient way to unlock your possibilities without the need for keys.

Unlock Your Possibilities: 3-Digit Key Number Lock 147-189

What is a 3-Digit Key Number Lock?

A 3-digit key number lock, also known as a combination padlock, is a type of lock that uses numbers instead of keys to open. To unlock it, you must enter the correct combination of digits on a dial or keypad. With this type of locking mechanism, there’s no need to worry about carrying around multiple keys or losing them.

Features and Benefits

The Lock 147-189 has several features and benefits that make it an attractive choice:

High security

One major advantage of using this type of lock is its high level of security. It provides protection against unwanted intruders since they won’t have access to any physical key. Additionally, with over one thousand possible combinations available on this particular model, it’s virtually impossible for someone else to guess the right code.

Easy-to-use design

This lock comes with easy-to-follow instructions making it simple even for those who are not technically inclined. There’s no need for any complicated programming systems; all you have to do is turn the dial until you reach your desired number combination.


Unlike traditional locks that can wear out with time and use, a digital combination padlock like the Lock 147-189 will last much longer due to its robust design featuring weather-resistant materials such as stainless steel and reinforced plastic shell case.


The Lock can be used in several settings including gyms , schools , luggage containers,and more . This makes it an ideal security solution for various scenarios, from protecting your favorite belongings to securing important assets.

How to Use the Lock 147-189

Here are the steps you can take to use this lock:

  1. Turn the dial on the padlock so that it is at zero.
  2. Pull up on the shackle of the lock, ensuring it moves into place so that you can set a new code.
  3. Rotate each of the three dials until they’re in position with your desired numbers.
  4. Once you’ve dialed all three digits correctly and in order, push down hard onto the shackle allowing it to click back into its slot located on top or bottom portion depending on model number designed for .
    5.Your combination is now locked and ready-to-go.

What People Are Saying About Lock 147-189

Reviews of this lock suggest that most users have been pleased with their purchase, noting its straightforward setup process as well as how easy it is to operate compared with other locks. Here are some specific comments from happy customers:

  • “Very sturdy; I love how durable this product feels.”
  • “The design makes changing combinations effortless.”
  • “Great value and peace of mind when leaving my locker at work.”

In contrast, there were a few negative comments relating mainly issues concerning accuracy rate during number change .

Overall though people seemed impressed by what is offered overall without including any additional frills or unnecessary features allaying fears around potential overengineering.


If you’re searching for an easy-to-use yet reliable way to add extra security wherever needed then look no further than Lock 147-189.We believe that after reading our article about these locks’ benefits such as versatility , high-security , durability along with some customer feedback above hopefully we have made a compelling case for purchasing one yourself! Try out its simple mechanism and wonderful design features today – who knows what kind unlocking possibilities awaits!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers for the “Unlock Your Possibilities: 3-Digit Key Number Lock 147-189”:

What is the default combination for this lock?
Answer: The default combination for the “Unlock Your Possibilities: 3-Digit Key Number Lock 147-189” is ‘000’. To set your own personalized combination, follow the instructions provided in the product manual.

Can I reset my combination if I forget it?
Answer: Yes, you can reset your combination by following these steps:
1) Set the dial to ‘0’
2) Pull up on the shackle and rotate it counterclockwise 90 degrees
3) Hold down the shackle and set your new desired code by rotating each individual dial to your chosen number
4) Return the shackle back to its original position and test to ensure it is locked with your new code

Can this lock be used outdoors?
Answer: Yes, this lock can withstand outdoor use as long as it is kept out of direct exposure to moisture or extreme weather conditions. It has a durable zinc alloy body and hardened steel shackle that provides resistance against cutting and sawing attempts.