Unlock Your Home’s Potential with Remotely Recodable Smart Locks

Are you tired of worrying about lost keys or needing to hide a spare under the doormat? Do you want to give temporary access to guests, service providers, or family members without having to be physically present? If so, it may be time to upgrade your home security with a remotely recodable smart lock.

Unlock Your Home's Potential with Remotely Recodable Smart Locks

What Are Remotely Recodable Smart Locks?

Remotely recodable smart locks are electronic door locks that can be controlled and programmed remotely through an app on your smartphone or tablet. They use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate directly with your device and allow you to lock/unlock your doors from anywhere. Additionally, these locks can issue and revoke digital access codes for others who need temporary access inside your home.

How Do They Work?

Remotely recodable smart locks work by replacing the traditional key cylinder in a door lock with electronic components. The user sets up their account on a manufacturer-specific mobile application like Amazon Key App (for Amazon hardware) or August App (for August Hardware). Through this app, users will have control over programming guest codes and unlocking their door remotely.

Benefits of Using Remotely Recodable Smart Locks

  • Convenience: No more fumbling for keys; simply open/lock doors through the mobile application.
  • Security: Unique digital access codes allow quick provisioning/removal of permission as well as monitoring activity history.
  • Remote Management: Manage multiple properties at once from one central dashboard.
  • Compatibility: Some models include Alexa & Google assistant compatibility as well.

What Should You Consider When Choosing One?

There are several factors worth considering when evaluating different models of smart locks:

  1. Connectivity types supported by the model i.e wifi vs Bluetooth
  2. Methods entry types offered -Voice Recognition Capability
  3. Battery Backup
  4. Price point & Features
  5. Warranty and customer support offered

It is very important to choose a model that matches your specific needs, fitting into the kind of management style you expect to implement, how many users will be involved with the lock and any possible third-party integration.


A remotely recodable smart lock can make access to your home much simpler and more secure. As long as you need temporary visitors inside your home, prefer not having keys at all times or love smart technology -then this is surely a good fit for you. Make sure you carefully consider the factors above when selecting which model works best for your particular situation!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs related to remotely recodable smart locks along with their answers:

Can the code be changed remotely?

Yes, most modern smart locks that feature remote access via an app will allow you to change your lock’s code remotely from anywhere using your smartphone or computer. This means that if you need to update codes for new guests staying in a rental property or revoke access for someone who should no longer have it, you can easily do so without having to be physically present at the lock.

How secure are these types of locks?

Remotely recodable smart locks use advanced encryption methods and security protocols, making them highly secure against hacking attempts and other forms of cyberattacks. They also often come equipped with additional security features such as forced entry alarms and tamper detection sensors to further protect against unauthorized access.

Will I still be able to use a physical key?

Most remotely recodable smart locks offer multiple ways of unlocking your door including entering a code on the keypad or using a physical key like traditional deadbolts. It’s important to check before purchasing whether the lock is compatible with your existing keys or if replacement keys will need to be made in order for both options (smartphone-based entry and physical key) can be used.