Unlock Your Brinks 4-Digit Lock: Easy Reset Guide

If you’ve forgotten the combination for your Brinks 4-digit lock or want to change it, don’t worry – resetting it is easy! In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock and reset your Brinks 4-digit lock with step-by-step instructions.

Unlock Your Brinks 4-Digit Lock: Easy Reset Guide

Things You’ll Need

Before beginning the reset process, make sure you have the following:

  • Your Brinks 4-digit lock
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • A pen or another small object
  • Patience and focus!

Now that you have everything ready, let’s proceed with unlocking and resetting your Brinks 4-digit lock.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Begin by lining up all of the dials to ‘0000.’
  2. Next, use a flathead screwdriver to remove the two screws from either side of where the locking piece slides out.
  3. Once removed, slide out the locking piece.
  4. After sliding out the locking piece, use a pen or another small object (such as a paperclip) to push down on each little metal tab inside until they all click down into place. This should allow for free movement without any resistance between tabs when spinning dials.
  5. Spin each dial individually so that it goes through every possible combination until one clicks open — this will be easier if done holding on tight enough while turning those metal tabs back up once more firmly in their proper positions after being released by pushing them down earlier at step #4 above.
  6. Take note of what number(s) are lined up under each dial as it was opened – these numbers will form your new combination code for future uses!
  7. Now that you’ve unlocked your Brinks 4-digit lock using its default setting ‘0000’, turn every dial clockwise back to zero before closing and securing everything back together again. Remember to tighten up the two screws on either side of where you removed the locking piece, and presto! You have successfully reset your Brinks lock.

Advantages Of A Four-Digit Lock

Four-digit locks are a popular choice for many people because they offer a balance between security and convenience. The four digits provide there enough possible combinations, making it difficult for someone else to guess or try different combinations until one works. At the same time, having only four digits makes it easy to remember and enter the combination quickly when needed.

Some other advantages of using a four-digit lock include:

  • Can be used on various objects that need securing (e.g., lockers, toolboxes)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to replace if lost or damaged


Congratulations! You’ve successfully unlocked and reset your Brinks 4-digit lock. With these step-by-step instructions in mind, you can now change your combination whenever necessary easily. By following this guide correctly, you didn’t only take care of unlocking an immobilized 4-digits Brinks padlock but also learned along about its utility as well as why it’s preferred among users over other types of locks with some its benefits mentioned earlier.

Remember always to keep your new code safe since losing forgot may lead you back down this resetting process again soon…. And don’t forget; never share your code with others unless explicitly trust them fully.


Here are three popular FAQs related to the Brinks 4-Digit Lock reset guide, along with their answers:

Q: What happens if I forget my combination?
A: If you forget your combination or lose it, you will need to use bolt cutters to remove the lock. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve a forgotten combination for this type of lock.

Q: Can I change the combination on my Brinks 4-digit lock more than once?
A: Yes! You can reset and change your Brinks 4-digit lock as many times as you want using the same method outlined in our reset guide. Just make sure to choose a memorable yet secure code each time.

Q: Will this resetting method work on all types of Brinks locks?
A: No. This specific resetting method only works for the standard version of the Brinks 4-digit padlock. Some other versions may have different instructions for resetting or changing combinations, so it’s important to check and follow any specific guidelines provided by Brinks or your product manual.