Unlock Any 3-Digit Lock Box: Quick Reset Guide

Unlock Any 3-Digit Lock Box: Quick Reset Guide


3-digit lock boxes are commonly used in real estate, home rental, and other industries to provide secure access to property keys. These small yet effective devices can be opened with the right combination of numbers, but what happens when you forget the code or need to reset it for a new user? This guide will provide you with quick and easy steps to reset any 3-digit lock box.

Step-by-step instructions

Here are the steps required for resetting a 3-digit lock box:

Step 1:

Locate the reset lever on the inside of the lock box.

  • The reset lever is typically located next to where you input your current combination. It may be labeled “reset” or simply appear as a small lever.

Step 2:

Use a pointed object such as a pen or paperclip, gently push down on the reset lever while also rotating it from its current position.

  • Be sure to rotate it all the way until it stops turning before moving onto step three.

Step 3:

Set your desired combination by using each dial individually.

  • Important note: Make sure that your selected code is not too easy (such as “111” or “123”) so that someone cannot easily guess it.

Step 4:

Press down on the release button (if applicable) and pull open the shackle.

  • If there is no release button, just enter your new combination and pull open the shackle as usual.

Congratulations! Your lock box has now been successfully reset with your newly specified code.

Key considerations

Before resetting your 3-digit lock box, there are some additional tips you should consider:

  1. Always remember to test out your new combo before leaving anything inside of them; otherwise if something goes wrong then nobody can get in again!

  2. Consider setting codes that are more complex, less typical and harder to guess for security purposes. Avoid using easy-to-guess codes like “111” or “123”.

  3. Choose a memorable combination that you can easily recall but difficult enough for others to guess.


Resetting your 3-digit lock box may seem daunting at first, but with the above steps it is relatively simple process that anyone can accomplish. Next time you need to reset your lock box’s combination code, follow our quick and easy guide for a hassle-free experience.

By following this guide not only will you be able to reset any 3-digit lock boxes effectively, but also have peace of mind knowing that your property keys are safely secured until used by authorized individuals.


Here are three popular FAQs about unlocking a 3-digit lock box with the quick reset guide, along with their respective answers:

How do I know if my 3-digit lock box is compatible with the Quick Reset Guide method?
The Quick Reset Guide method works for most standard and generic 3-digit combination lock boxes. If you’re unsure whether your specific model is compatible, check the manufacturer’s instructions or try contacting them directly.

What should I do if the first step of the Quick Reset Guide method doesn’t work?
If you’re unable to press down on the shackle and turn it counterclockwise while in its open position, try applying more pressure or tapping it gently with a rubber mallet or similar tool. If this still does not work, consider seeking assistance from a professional locksmith.

Can I change my combination after using the Quick Reset Guide to unlock my 3-digit lock box?
Yes! Once you’ve successfully unlocked your lock box using the Quick Reset Guide method, follow your manufacturer’s instructions (or search online) to learn how to reset your combination code to something new and unique that only you know.