The Power of 4: Discover Over 5,000 Lock Combinations with a 4-Digit Code

The Power of 4: Discover Over 5,000 Lock Combinations with a 4-Digit Code


When it comes to smart locks, one of the most important security features is the passcode. A strong and unique passcode can help prevent unauthorized access to your home or property. However, remembering complex codes can be difficult and tedious for homeowners. Fortunately, some smart locks offer a powerful solution that combines convenience with security – the ability to use a simple 4-digit code that can be customized in over 5,000 combinations.

How it Works

The technology behind this system is quite simple yet robust; using only four digits allows you to create multiple personalized and secure lock codes without having to remember complex numbers or patterns. By utilizing a numeric keypad on your smart lock or through an associated app, you are able to set up codes tailored specifically for each member of your household.

Based on statistics from UClocks’s team members who have tested several products in the market, here are some examples of how these 4-digit codes work:

  • The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt provides over 100 different user code possibilities.
  • The Kwikset Halo Touchscreen WiFi Smart Lock offers up over 250 possible code combinations.
  • The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro has more than three times as many possible user codes at over 1,100 possibilities.


Aside from making daily life more convenient because you no longer need keys (or worry about losing them), there are some significant advantages to using four digit lockcodes:

Customizable Codes

Each family member can choose their favorite combination easily like birth dates or any other preferred number sets which will make it easy for them to remember the code while ensuring maximum protection against intruders.

Enhanced Security

With so many potential combinations available within such a small range (from ‘0000’ through ‘9999’), it would be virtually impossible for a burglar or intruder to correctly guess your code. You can rest easy knowing that your home and property are secure with minimal effort.

Easy Management

In instances where you need to grant temporary access to authorized users, such as pet sitters or guests, you can easily generate their own unique lock codes which will last only for the period they require access for – this allows them limited time-only entry and a sense of security and privacy.

Final Thoughts

The power of 4-digit lockcodes is truly remarkable when you factor in how much more secure smart locks have made our homes while providing unparalleled convenience for homeowners. With options available from brands like Schlage, Kwikset, and Ultraloq offering thousands of possible combinations within an uncomplicated numeric code set-up- utilizing this technology proves that maximum security does not always come with added complexity.

To sum up…
– Using 4-digit passcodes offers customizable codes, enhanced security, and easy management.
– There are several smart locks on the market today that offer over 5k possible combinations using just 4-digits.
– This technology saves time & simplifies everyday life while keeping your home safe!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers related to “The Power of 4: Discover Over 5,000 Lock Combinations with a 4-Digit Code” product:

How many possible combinations can be generated with this lock?
Answer: You can generate over 5,000 unique combinations with a four-digit code using this lock.

Is it easy to set up and use?
Answer: Yes, the setup process is straightforward and simple, and the lock is very user-friendly. There are detailed instructions included in the package for your convenience.

Can I install this on any type of door?
Answer: It depends on the thickness of your door since you will need to drill a hole to accommodate the lock mechanism. Generally speaking, this lock works well on doors that have an average thickness between 1-3/8 inches -1-3/4 inches but may not be suitable for thicker doors or ones made from certain materials like metal or glass. Always check compatibility before purchasing and installing any smart locks.