Step-by-Step Guide: Add Remote Access to Schlage Lock

Schlage locks have been at the forefront of home security for decades, and their smart lock product line – Schlage Connect – is no exception. With the ability to unlock your door remotely from any location, this device provides added convenience without compromising on safety.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to add remote access to your Schlage lock step-by-step:

Step-by-Step Guide: Add Remote Access to Schlage Lock

Step 1: Choose a Home Automation Hub

To enable remote access on your Schlage lock, you will need a compatible home automation hub. There are various options available in today’s market such as SmartThings, Wink or Amazon Alexa which are offered specifically for smart homes.

Sub-Step 1a: Check Compatibility

Before purchasing an automation hub or downloading its corresponding app make sure it is compatible with the Schlage Connect model by checking its user manual
or contacting a customer support representative.

Sub-Step 1b: Setup Your Home Automation Hub

Once you have chosen and purchased a suitable automation hub follow the instructions included with it to set up an account and connect it to Wi-Fi network used in-house.

Step 2: Install Your Schlage Connect Lock

For those who have not yet installed their smart lock:
First-time installation should be done according to instructions from products manual.
After installing proceed with instruction below.

Before starting make sure that batteries are correctly placed inside your deadbolt latch (it requires four AA sized batteries) .

Sub-Step 2a: Set-Up Programming Code

Useful information about programming codes could be found either in product manuals or online guides provided by Schalge . Codes must include between six-to-eight digits number sequence which only authorized users can use after inputting correct code.
This procedure will prevent unauthorized entry into the space equipped with Schalge Connect Deadbolt Latch.

Sub-Step 2b: Connect Lock to the Automation Hub

Use instructions provided together with equipment to connect Schlage lock to an automation hub. 
After successfully connecting your The Schlage Connect deadbolt latch, you will see it appear in your home automation app.

Step 3: Enable Remote Access

Now that your Schlage lock is connected to a compatible home automation hub, you can enable remote access from anywhere you have internet connectivity using an application on mobile device or computer.
To grant permission for remote access follow these steps:

Sub-Step 3a: Launch Your Home Automation App and Log In

Install the corresponding application for chosen home automation hub which should be available through App Store or Google Play.
Login into account created during the installation of a home automation hub.

Sub-Step 3b: Find Your Schlage Lock Within the Application

Once logged in you must locate review all listed devices (locks) , check if name of Schalge Smart Connect Deadbolt Latch accurately depicted within app settings

Sub-Step 3c: Enable Remote Access Feature

Within its respective settings section there must exist “Enable Remote Access” feature which needs confirming by clicking desired button.

The above steps are simple but need careful attention while being done as mistakes could mess with automated process leaving user without functioning smart lock or vulnerability due unauthorized access.

With proper execution of this guide, users can easily add remote accessibility to their existing Schalge locks enabling them monitor door activities and let guests inside even when away from headquarters.


Here are three popular FAQs with answers for “Step-by-Step Guide: Add Remote Access to Schlage Lock”:

Can I add remote access to my existing Schlage lock?

Yes, you can add remote access to your existing Schlage lock by purchasing and installing a compatible smart home hub or bridge, such as the Amazon Echo Plus or Samsung SmartThings Hub. Once you have connected the hub/bridge and your Schalge lock via Z-Wave or Zigbee wireless protocol, you will be able to control the lock using an app on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere.

How can I ensure my wireless connection is secure when adding remote access?

To ensure that your wireless connection is secure when adding remote access, consider setting up a guest network on your Wi-Fi router specifically for your smart home devices. You can also enable WPA2 encryption on your Wi-Fi network for added protection against potential hacking attempts.

What happens if I lose my phone with the app installed after adding remote access?

If you lose your phone with the app installed after adding remote access, it’s important to take immediate action by deactivating access from that device through the associated account dashboard in order to prevent unauthorized entry into your home. Most smart locking systems offer multiple ways of regaining entry (touchscreen codes/key fob/smart card), but be sure keep track of key codes/fobs/cards in safe location not near Your Door front door so they aren’t lost/misplaced easily.