Smart Locks for Apartments: Is it Possible?

Smart locks are becoming increasingly common in homes and apartments, providing added convenience, security, and peace of mind. However, when it comes to apartment living, there may be some additional considerations to keep in mind when selecting a smart lock. In this article, we’ll explore whether smart locks are suitable for apartment dwellers, what features to look for in an apartment-friendly smart lock and top picks of the best options on the market.

Smart Locks for Apartments: Is it Possible?

Are Smart Locks Suitable for Apartment Dwellers?

The answer is – Yes! Smart locks can indeed be suitable for apartment dwellers with a few caveats. Here are some things to consider before installing a smart lock in your apartment:

Landlord’s Permission

As an apartment renter or tenant, you will need permission from your landlord or property manager before installing any new devices within the unit. Some landlords may have specific rules about what types of locking systems can be installed as well as which brands and models can be used.

Compatibility with Existing Hardware

Most modern electronic deadbolts work with standard cylindrical latch-bolt holes that exist under existing deadbolts. This makes installation easy since no further modifications are needed to install them onto doors compatible with standard cylinder holes.

However certain apartments might lack one crucial feature such as having only single boreholes instead of double which means they don’t support deadbolt installations resulting making electronic doorknob type choices more limited but still possible.

Manual Override Access

Additionally it is necessary that occupants able to unlock doors manually both from inside (in case of emergency) and outside so the select model must retain this option always throughout use.

With these points cleared up next comes selection process.

Features To Look For

When looking at purchasing a smart lock device made specifically for rented properties or APARTMENT Complexes there are several key factors should factor into consideration including:

  • Ease of installation: Easy installation without many structural modifications, drilling, and wiring needed would be ideal for Tenants. It is important as neither tenant nor landlord likely wishes a complex installation process leading to costly damages.
  • Security Features: The primary function of any lock is security. Therefore look for smart locks with advanced encryption capabilities, two-factor authentication or biometric access controls such as fingerprint recognition.
  • Compatibility with Smart Home Systems: Having a smart lock compatible with platforms like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant or Samsung’s SmartThings can make life easier providing flexibility such as voice activation feature in your home automation ecosystem especially useful when carrying groceries trying to unlock the door
  • Remote Access Control – Consider if system supports remote monitoring options that enables occupants from anywhere in world to check on their apartments’ status , ability to let guests into your place.

Top Picks for Best Apartment Friendly Smart Locks

Here are some top-rated smart locks perfect for apartment living:

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Gen)

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock succeeds in most areas where traditional deadbolts do not stand up very well. For starters, it comes equipped with an auto-lock feature which means the door will automatically lock itself whenever you leave home so you won’t have to bother checking whether or not it was locked after leaving.

It also supports keyless entry through its Bluetooth connectivity allowing tenants easy control over access while seeking landlords approval before entering homes . The device works smoothly within existing deadbolt systems making transition smooth and simple without needing professional help.

2. Level Touch

The Level Touch smart lock offers seamless integration replacing easily on standard single boreholes used by most apartments unlike other products sold in market that don’t support these type of doors at all!. This makes installing hassle-free without damaging the door structure.

This innovative technology uses touch activation instead of having an external keypad making it harder detecting codes by curious neighbors or criminals. Additionally, it works with Apple HomeKit and includes a physical key for manual override access in case of emergencies.

3. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

The Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt offers renters a simple yet effective smart lock solution through its compatibility with multiple voice activation platforms (Alexa, Google). It also comes equipped with powerful encryption features to protect against hacking attempts as well as an auto-lock feature that can automatically lock the door after 30 seconds of being closed.


Smart locks are definitely suitable for apartment dwellers when the right device is selected and installation doesn’t involve excessive damage or modifications to existing structure.

When choosing apartment-friendly smart locks, consider the ease of installation process, security features offered by the product such as biometric authentication or two-factor authentication, compatibility among different devices within your home automation ecosystem and remote monitoring capabilities if desired.

Three best options available in market include August Wifi , Level Touch and Schlage which all serve unique purposes allowing tenants flexibility over who enters their homes while granting landlords peace of mind knowing their property is secure.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers for “Smart Locks for Apartments: Is it Possible?”:

1. Can I install a smart lock on my apartment door?
Yes, you can install a smart lock on your apartment door as long as your landlord permits it and you follow the building’s security policies. Before installing a smart lock, make sure to check your lease agreement and get permission from your landlord.

2. Do I need to change the entire lockset of my apartment door to use a smart lock?
No, most smart locks are designed to be compatible with existing deadbolt locks so that you can retrofit them onto your current setup without having to replace the entire lockset. You simply remove the old thumb turn and bolt of the deadbolt and attach the new one that comes with the smart lock.

3. Will I lose access if I move out of my apartment or if something goes wrong with my smartphone or internet connection?
Most smart locks offer backup options such as physical keys or PIN codes that allow you to unlock your door even if there is an issue with your smartphone app or internet connectivity. If you move out of your apartment, you will need to reset and reprogram the device before giving access control rights to another tenant or returning it back its original factory settings.