Secure Your Home with Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt

Are you looking for a safer and more convenient way to secure your home? The Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt is an excellent option that combines security, technology, and design. Here’s what you need to know about this smart lock.

Secure Your Home with Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt

What is the Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt?

The Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt is a keyless entry smart lock that provides increased security and convenience for homeowners. It features a touch screen keypad that allows users to enter personalized access codes instead of traditional keys. This makes it easier to control who enters your home while eliminating the need for physical keys.

Benefits of the Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt

Here are some reasons why you should consider installing the Schlage BE375 in your home:

  • Provides added security: The deadbolt mechanism increases protection against forced entries while allowing homeowners to easily lock and unlock their doors from inside.
  • Offers customized access: With up to 19 user codes available, you can program unique codes for family members, friends, or other frequent visitors.
  • Easy installation: The quick start guide included in the package makes it simple to install even if you’re not experienced with DIY projects.
  • Stylish design: The sleek look of this smart lock adds style as well as function to any door.

How does it work?

The setup process of this keyless deadbolt is straightforward:

  1. Install four AA batteries (included).
  2. Remove the old lock and replace it with the new unit according to manufacturer instructions.
  3. Follow prompts on touchscreen keypad regarding programming desired user codes.

Once installed, users can simply press their preprogrammed code into the keypad upon arriving at their front door or engage automatic locking using built-in scheduling functions.

Is it Secure?

Yes! This product both meets ANSI Grade 2 standards and features built-in alarm technology that will sound immediately if a lock is tampered with. Additionally, it allows homeowners to avoid security risks associated with spare keys by eliminating the need for physical keys altogether.


If you’re interested in upgrading your home’s security while maintaining an attractive look on all entrance doors, the Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt is an excellent option worth considering. Installation is quick and easy even without prior DIY experience. The customizability of user codes makes access simple as well as secure.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs about the Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt along with their answers:

How do I set up the Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt?
Answer: The setup process for Schlage’s touch keyless deadbolt is fairly straightforward. You’ll need to follow these steps:
Remove your existing deadbolt from your door.
Install the Schlage BE375 touch keyless deadbolt onto your door using a screwdriver and following the included instructions.

Program your codes by pressing the “Schlage” button on the interior unit, entering a unique user code, and then confirming it. Repeat this step for each additional user you want to grant access to.

Can I use my phone or other smart device to control my Schlage BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt?
Answer: No, not directly. This particular model of deadbolt doesn’t have smart connectivity features that allow remote smartphone or voice assistant control like some other models do. However, some homeowners may choose to integrate this lock into an overall smart home system that does offer those capabilities.

What happens if someone tries to tamper with or break through my Schalge BE375 Touch Keyless Deadbolt?
Answer: While no lock can guarantee 100% protection against intruders or burglars, this particular model does have several strong security features built in:

An anti-pick shield protects against picking and bumping attacks.
A reinforced metal construction provides durability and resistance against forced entry attempts.
The locking mechanism itself is designed so that it can’t be shimmed open like some lower-quality locks can be.

Overall, while nothing is foolproof when it comes to security solutions at home, many users find that the Schlage BE375 offers reliable performance and peace of mind knowing they’ve installed a high-quality product on their doors.