Secure Your Home with Kwikset Halo Touch: Advanced Smart Lock

If you’re looking to enhance the security of your home, a smart lock is an excellent place to start. Kwikset’s Halo Touch is a premium smart lock that offers advanced features and unparalleled convenience. In this article, we’ll explore what makes the Kwikset Halo Touch stand out from other smart locks on the market and how it can help secure your home.

Secure Your Home with Kwikset Halo Touch: Advanced Smart Lock

Why Choose Kwikset Halo Touch?

Kwikset has been a leader in residential lock technology for over 70 years and has continued to innovate and improve its products over time. The company’s latest offering, the Halo Touch smart lock, takes security to the next level with several advanced features:

  • Fingerprint Access: With fingerprint access technology, you can unlock your door simply by placing your finger on the sensor – eliminating the need for keys or codes.
  • Smartphone Control: The Kwikset app allows you to control your lock remotely from anywhere. You can check whether your door is locked, unlock it for guests or contractors when you’re not there.
  • Easy Installation:No hard-wiring required; installs easily with just a screwdriver on standard door thicknesses.
  • Multiple User Codes: As an alternative option,you could also use one-time codes that are great options if guests only need limited access – no more lost key fears!

With these advanced features in mind, let’s dive deeper into why choosing a Kwicket Halo Touch could be beneficial.

Benefits of Choosing Kwikset Halo Touch

Improved Security

One major benefit of installing a smart lock like the Kwikset Halo Touch is improved security. The ability to use fingerprints instead of keys or codes means that potential intruders won’t be able to pick locks or guess passwords as methods of entry into your house.

The device records up-to-date information such as recent user code expiration dates and usage records for who entered and left the home. This makes it easy to keep track of access codes, preventing repeated use or suspicious activity.

Not to mention that its anti-theft capability automatically sends an alarm after five incorrect consecutive entry attempts for added protection.


In addition to enhanced security, smart locks like Kwikset Halo Touch also offer unparalleled convenience. With smartphone control you can check whether your door is locked or not and lock select doors in your home from anywhere at any time through the Smartthings app or Amazon Key by leveraging Alexa voice commands (Optional Amazon Cloud Cam required).

With multiple user codes available, you could easily assign codes— unique to each individual— instead of keys when entertaining guests or granting access to service providers/contractors.

Easy Installation and Flexibility

Kwicket Halo Touch does not require hard-wiring so installation is a breeze with just a screwdriver on standard door thicknesses. And if you need more features like geofencing capabilities – it supports Zigbee 3.0 hub’s integration too!

How Does It Work?

The Kwikset Halo Touch works by utilizing fingerprint technology paired with other keyless functions such as smartphone integration and one-time code generation:

  1. Place your finger on the fingerprint reader located at the top portion of its exterior assembly.
  2. Once registered & recognized, your fingerprint will trigger a unlocking mechanism that unlocks/locks the device without requiring old-school metal keys.
    3.You could also use free Smartphone app(Android/IOS)to generate temporary passcodes if someone needs limited access during their stay.You can grant remote access (up to 250 users) from anywhere using only internet connection,or make setting locally via Bluetooth network connectivity,which both give homeowners peace-of-mind about secure property access control management no matter where they are.

With this simple process,any authorized users have quick-and-easy UN-fettered access into your home, and since the lock is smart-enabled it adds an extra layer of security.

Comparison to Other Smart Locks

While there are many smart locks on the market today,Kwicket Halo Touch offers several features that stand out. In comparison with similar products from competitors such as Schlage Connect and August Smart Lock Pro, Kwikset Halo Touch has a few unique features like:

  • Fingerprint compatibility for 99.999% acceptance rate.
  • Additional passcodes available with temporary one-time codes.
  • Voice control integration through Amazon Alexa via its built-in Zigbee capability
  • Easy installation procedure – no need for professional assistance required

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to improve the security of your home while also gaining added convenience, look no further than Kwikset’s Halo Touch smart lock. With advanced fingerprint access technology and smartphone control plus voice commands which unlock doors remotely or provide user codes locally without keys at your side; combined with easy installation process– everything gets handled easily by homeowners themselves!

This connected device makes managing property-based access control simple – protecting families around whole house in new way level of capability through years-long industry leadership within security space.

Choosing Kwikset Halo Touch is ideal for any homeowner who wants to add enhanced protection & automation technology. And thanks to its versatile design when solving statically interference problems that some traditional wireless systems have not yet addressed ,it takes up little room on your door while keeping unwanted intruders away from harm’s reach.


Here are three popular FAQs about the Kwikset Halo Touch smart lock, along with answers:

Can I still unlock the Kwikset Halo Touch if I lose my phone?
Yes, you can still unlock your Kwikset Halo Touch even if you lose your phone. The smart lock comes with a physical key that can be used to open the lock in case of emergency or smartphone malfunction.

Is it possible to schedule guest access for my family members and friends?
Yes, Kwikset Halo Touch allows you to provide temporary access codes for guests and housekeepers through its mobile app. You can set up customized schedules and easily grant or revoke access permissions remotely using your phone.

How secure is the Kwikset Halo Touch smart lock?
Kwikset’s advanced locking technology uses up-to-date encryption methods to ensure secure communication between the lock and authorized devices such as smartphones or voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The device also features an optional security feature called SecureScreen, which requires users to enter two random numbers before entering their code ensuring additional protection against fingerprint smudges on screen digits being identifiable by intruders.