Secure Your Home with Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle

Are you looking for a smart lock that provides enhanced security without sacrificing convenience? The Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle might just be the perfect solution for your needs.

Secure Your Home with Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle

What is the Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle?

The Haven Connect is a deadbolt-style smart lock that offers several features to ensure your home stays secure. It comes bundled with a WiFi hub, which allows you to control and monitor the lock remotely through an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Key Features of the Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle

  • Easy installation: You can install the lock yourself in minutes using only a screwdriver.
  • Military-grade construction: The lock body is made from heavy-duty steel, while other components are crafted from high-strength materials such as nylon and aluminum.
  • Reinforced locking mechanism: The bolt extends farther into the door frame than standard deadbolts, making it harder to kick open.
  • Flexibility in access: Easily give temporary guest or visitor access through mobile devices like cell phones, laptops or tablets.
  • Away mode settings: You can set up custom entry schedules based on time of day or specific days throughout week which makes it more convenient when arriving at home.

Benefits of Using a Smart Lock

Using a smart lock like the Haven Connect offer several benefits over traditional locks:

  1. Enhanced security – With military-grade construction and reinforced locking mechanism, it’s hard-wearing against forced-entry based attacks
  2. Remote monitoring – With Wi-Fi connection there is no need for people to be physically present at all times because with remote monitoring, they have superior control over their property from afar
  3. Greater Convenience – Users can easily grant permissions via mobile device especially whilst away from home ,removing hassle of giving keys out

Why Choose Haven Connect?

While there are many options available in terms of smart locks, here are some reasons why choosing the Haven connects stands out :

  1. High level of Security- The Haven Connect offers superior protection features and is near-impenetrable to forced-entry attacks
  2. Easy Installation – Unlike some other smart locks, the Haven Connect is incredibly easy to install without professional help.
  3. Competitive Price – With its many benefits and advanced technology, it comes at an affordable price that won’t break your budget.


The Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle is a great investment for anyone looking for enhanced home security and convenience through smart lock technology. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter or simply looking to upgrade the security in your home ,Haven connect provides top-notch protection with little installation hassle at an affordable price point .


Here are three popular FAQs with answers related to the Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle, a smart lock product designed to help secure homes:

Q: Can I use the Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle even if I don’t have a smartphone or Wi-Fi?
A: Yes, you can still use the Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle without a smartphone or Wi-Fi connection. The bundle comes with two key fobs that allow you to unlock your door without needing your phone or an internet connection.

Q: Is it difficult to install the Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle on my door?
A: No, installation of the Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle is relatively simple and typically takes less than 30 minutes. The bundle includes all necessary hardware and instructions for installation. It is compatible with most standard doors (1-3/4 inches thick) and requires no hardwiring or drilling.

Q: What happens if someone tries to break into my home while using the Haven Connect Smart Lock Bundle?
A: While no smart lock can guarantee 100% security against burglars attempting forced entry, the Haven Connect has several features that make it more resilient against break-in attempts than traditional deadbolt locks. Its steel locking bolt provides added strength compared to traditional deadbolts, making it much harder for intruders to force their way in through your front door’s lock area. Additionally, its tamper-proof alarm sounds when there is any attempted forced entry, alerting you and potentially deterring intruders from continuing their attempt.

Please note that these answers are general information based on product details available online and may vary depending on specific circumstances of use – it’s always best to consult manufacturer guidelines for full specifications and advice!