Secure Your Home: Best Places to Mount Security Cameras

When it comes to securing your home, installing security cameras is a great way to monitor your property and deter potential criminals. However, it’s important to know the best places to mount your cameras to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Secure Your Home: Best Places to Mount Security CamerasSecure Your Home: Best Places to Mount Security Cameras

Front Door

  • Burglars often target the front door first as it’s the most common entry point, so mounting a camera here is essential.
  • Mount the camera high enough to avoid it being tampered with or blocked by objects.
  • Ensure that the camera is angled downwards to capture the faces of anyone approaching the door.

Sub-bullet points

  • Consider installing a doorbell camera in addition to the front door camera.
  • Doorbell cameras can alert you when someone is at your door and allow you to communicate with them remotely.

Back Door

  • The back door is another common target for burglars, so having a camera here is important to monitor potential entry attempts.
  • Mount the camera high and angled downwards to capture any suspicious activity.

Sub-bullet points

  • Consider installing motion-activated floodlights in addition to the back door camera.
  • Floodlights can deter burglars and improve camera visibility at night.

Garage and Driveway

  • The garage and driveway are often overlooked in security camera placement but are important to monitor as they’re common entry points.
  • Mount the camera high and angled downwards to capture any activity such as car theft or break-ins.

Sub-bullet points

  • Consider installing a driveway alarm in addition to the garage/driveway camera.
  • Driveway alarms can alert you when someone enters your property and trigger recording by the camera.

Other Access Points

  • Other points of entry such as windows and gates should also be monitored with cameras.
  • Mount cameras high and angled downwards to cover as much area as possible.

Sub-bullet points

  • If you have a large property, consider installing a security camera system with multiple cameras for comprehensive coverage.
  • Wireless cameras are easy to install and can be moved to cover different areas as needed.

By strategically placing security cameras throughout your property, you can better protect your home and loved ones from potential threats. Remember to always properly secure your cameras and keep them out of reach to prevent tampering.


Where should I mount security cameras to secure my home?
A: The best places to mount security cameras are at the front and back doors, garage, driveway, and any other entrances to your home. You may also want to consider mounting cameras inside your home in areas where valuable items are stored or in rooms where your family spends the most time.

Can I install security cameras myself or do I need to hire a professional?
A: It is possible for a DIY enthusiast to install security cameras with a little knowledge of wiring and some basic tools. However, for greater peace of mind and to ensure the best possible security, it is recommended to hire a professional to install your cameras.

How do I choose the right security camera for my home?
A: When choosing a security camera for your home, consider factors such as quality, coverage area, ease of installation, and added features like motion detection and night vision. It is also important to ensure that the camera you choose is compatible with your existing security system or can be integrated into a new one. Consider reading reviews and speaking with a security professional to determine which camera is best for your home.