Secure Your Garage with Chamberlain’s Smart Door Lock

Garages can be a vulnerable entry point for intruders looking to gain access to your home. Fortunately, Chamberlain has developed a smart door lock that can give you peace of mind and secure your garage.

Secure Your Garage with Chamberlain's Smart Door Lock

Introducing the Chamberlain MyQ Smart Garage Hub

Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Hub is an innovative device that allows you to remotely control and monitor your garage door from anywhere using a smartphone app. This means you can check if the door is locked or unlocked, receive alerts when it’s opened or closed, and even control its movement all through the convenience of an app.

Here are some of the benefits of using this product:

  • Enhanced Security: With real-time monitoring capabilities, you can rest assured knowing who enters and exits your garage at all times.
  • Convenience: Open or close your garage door no matter where you are in the world with just one click on your smartphone.
  • Improved Home Safety: The MyQ system integrates easily with other home automation devices, allowing for automatic exiting lighting systems which keep your property safe during nighttime hours.

Upgrade Your Security with Easy Installation

The installation process for this smart lock is incredibly easy and simple – whether it is done by yourself (DIY) or by a professional technician.. Once installed, you’ll have full access to all features offered by Chamberlain`s myQ Technology as well as Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa compatibility. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase either the Chamberlain B6765 ($200) or MY-Q-G0303SP ($30)
  2. Download “My-Q” App on iOS/Android
  3. Follow step-by-step instructions provided within packaging

It doesn’t get easier than this!


Installing a smart lock like Chamberlain’s MyQ Smart Garage Hub not only provides additional security measures but also offers convenience and peace of mind. With features like real-time monitoring, automatic lighting integration, and easy installation, you can upgrade your home security with ease. So why wait? Secure your garage today and protect the ones you love with this innovative smart lock!


How does Chamberlain’s smart door lock work?
Chamberlain’s Smart Door Lock is a garage door security solution designed to provide extra protection against break-ins and thefts. The device is installed inside the garage and can be programmed to automatically lock the door when it’s closed or opened for a certain period of time. It connects to your home Wi-Fi network, which allows you to control the lock via an app on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Can I install Chamberlain’s Smart Door Lock myself?
Yes, Chamberlain’s Smart Door Lock can be easily installed by most DIYers with basic tools and skills. The installation process typically involves attaching the device onto the garage ceiling using screws or adhesive pads and wiring it into your existing garage door opener system. However, if you’re not comfortable installing it yourself, you may want to hire a professional installer who has experience working with smart locks.

Is Chamberlain’s Smart Door Lock compatible with my existing garage door opener system?
Chamberlain’s Smart Door Lock works with most major brands of residential garage door openers that were manufactured after 1993 and have standard safety sensors installed on them. Some older models may require additional adapters or accessories in order to work properly with the smart lock, so it’s recommended that you check compatibility before purchasing it. You can find more information about compatibility requirements on Chamberlin’s website or speaking directly with their customer support team before making any purchase decision