Secure and Stylish: Kingforce Keypad Deadbolt Electronic Lock

If you’re looking for a secure and stylish electronic lock that will provide reliable protection for your home, the Kingforce Keypad Deadbolt is worth considering. This smart lock is packed with innovative features that make it easy to use and enhance the safety of your home.

Secure and Stylish: Kingforce Keypad Deadbolt Electronic Lock


The Kingforce Keypad Deadbolt is an electronic door lock that uses a keypad to allow users to unlock and lock their doors quickly and conveniently. It’s constructed from high-quality materials, including polished stainless steel, which gives it a sleek look that complements any modern decor.


This electronic lock comes with several great features that set it apart from other traditional deadbolts:

  • Multiple access codes: Users can create up to 10 personalized access codes for family members or guests, eliminating the need for spare keys.
  • Automatic locking: The device has an auto-locking function when operational so there is no need to worry about forgetting to manually lock the door.
  • Emergency battery backup: In case power goes out in your house or batteries run low (AA size required), you can rely on its emergency battery backup function.
  • Smart alerts: Receive notifications on your phone every time someone enters or leaves your house.
  • Remote access control: enables homeowners full control via smartphone devices such as iPhone or Android phones.


The installation process of this smart deadbolt is straightforward without any wiring involved. However, if you aren’t familiar with deadbolts installation procedures, we would advise seeking professional assistance from licensed locksmith service providers near you instead of DIY-ing.

Here are quick steps for picture-based instruction guide:
1. Replace the $common$ parts ($link$) by first removing screw #1 then prying off back plate below & above knob;
2. Align strike plate onto opening in frame;
3. Connect wires according to included diagram;
4. Install batteries;
5. Test to confirm everything works fine.


Security is the top priority when it comes to electronic locks. The Kingforce Keypad Deadbolt uses advanced encryption technology AES128 and anti-scan codes that help prevent unauthorized access while allowing quick, keyless entry for those who have a predetermined code or device access.

Apart from its secure features, the lock also comes with options suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Its weather-resistant design makes it ideal for outdoor applications as well, providing peace of mind in all circumstances.


Overall, the Kingforce Keypad Deadbolt Electronic Lock is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a stylish and secure smart lock that will enhance your home’s safety without sacrificing on style. With features like multiple access codes, automatic locking, remote control via smartphone devices such as iPhone or Android phones coupled with easy installation processes outlined in this article make it a solid contender against other advanced smart locks. If you’re ready to upgrade your home security system with this sleek and modern smart lock today!


Sure, here are three FAQ’s about the Kingforce Keypad Deadbolt Electronic Lock with their corresponding answers:

Q: Can I program and use multiple access codes with this electronic lock?
A: Yes, you can program up to 99 different user codes for family members, guests, or service providers such as housekeepers or dog walkers.

Q: Will this keypad deadbolt work on my front door that faces south and gets direct sunlight most of the day?
A: Yes, the Kingforce Keypad Deadbolt is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions including heat and humidity. The lock also has a backlit keypad which makes it easy to operate even in bright sunlight.

Q: Does this electronic lock come with a warranty?
A: Yes, Kingforce offers a lifetime mechanical warranty and 1-year electrical warranty for their keypad deadbolt electronic lock. This means that if there are any manufacturing defects with the product or if it fails to perform as expected during normal use within the stated time frame ,customers can contact Kingforce for repair or replacement at no charge.”