Schlage FE595 Keypad Lever: A Reliable Home Security Solution

Are you looking for a reliable and convenient security solution for your home? The Schlage FE595 keypad lever could be just what you need. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth review of the Schlage FE595 keypad lever, highlighting its features, performance, installation process, and overall user experience.

Schlage FE595 Keypad Lever: A Reliable Home Security Solution

Overview of Schlage FE595 Keypad Lever

The Schlage FE595 is a popular option among homeowners who prioritize convenience and security. This device provides keyless access to your home with a backlit keypad that allows you to create custom codes for your family members or guests.

With three different finishes available (satin nickel, antique bronze, and aged bronze), the Schlage FE595 blends with various interior designs while providing robust functionality to keep intruders out of your home.

Here are some additional features of the Schlage FE 595:

  • Multiple entry codes
  • Easy-to-use backlit keypad
  • Program up to 19 unique access codes
  • Reversible lever
  • Battery operated

Installation Process

Installing the Schlage FE 595 is straightforward thanks to its universal latch design. The package includes all necessary hardware and instructions for easy installation without professional assistance. Here are some steps that can help you get started:
1. Choose left or right handle: Before installing it on the door itself decide which way will be best (left-handed or right-handed).
2. Remove Existing Lock: Use screwdriver remove any screws holding current lock from both sides.
3. Align Mounting Plate:The mounting plate must face front as per instructions because it’s where various lock parts connect over time.
4.Installation Advices: Quick advice before finishing up.On initial install make sure there is room at strike plate hole so door doesn’t stick when closed fully.Once mounted/installed try entering new code few times before padlock installed to double-check that everything works.

Performance and User Experience

The Schlage FE595 keypad lever has earned a reputation as a reliable and effective security solution for homes of all sizes. It offers the convenience of keyless entry to users along with customizable codes, making it easy to manage access for family members or guests.

Users can create up to 19 unique access codes, which is particularly useful if you want to give temporary access to contractors or house cleaners without sacrificing your home’s security in case an intruder learns their code.

Another notable feature is the battery-operated design. With this design, homeowners don’t have to worry about complicated wiring or power sources during installation. The device uses four AA batteries that typically last over a year based on moderate usage.

Additionally, the backlit keypad enhances visibility at night or in low-light settings – this feature makes it easier for homeowners who often get back late after work and find it hard navigating through dark hallways when entering passcodes.

Overall, users say the Schlage FE595 Keypad Lever has met their expectations regarding home safety and convenience.

Pros & Cons

No product is perfect; here are some pros and cons of using Schlage FE595 Keypad Lever:


  • Provides multiple user codes
  • Durable body structure
  • Easy installation process
  • Universal latch fits various doors dimensions


  • More expensive compared than other brands/models
  • No mobile connectivity features available
  • Some users reported durability issues with keys/buttons over time.


If you’re searching for a reliable home security solution that combines convenience and safety effectively within budget, the Schlage FE595 keypad lever could be one option worth considering.
It provides personalized keyless entry appropriate even if there are several people coming in/out frequently such as apartments or big households where each subfamily may have different schedules.
Also Its universal parts eliminates hassle while shopping around fitting replacement lock parts in case of defects or damage that may arise.
Before buying, weigh the pros and cons and determine whether this device is suitable for your needs. By installing Schlage FE595 Keypad Lever, you can add an extra layer of security to your home without sacrificing convenience.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers regarding the Schlage FE595 Keypad Lever:

What makes the Schlage FE595 Keypad Lever a reliable home security solution?
Answer: The Schlage FE595 offers several features that make it a great choice for home security. Firstly, it has a keypad that allows you to set unique access codes for family members, guests, and service workers. This means you don’t need to worry about hiding or losing keys – everyone can enter via their own code. Additionally, the keypad is backlit which makes locking and unlocking at night easy and convenient.

Another key feature of the Schlage FE595 is its ANSI grade 2 rating – the highest possible residential rating for durability and performance standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This means that it can withstand up to 400,000 cycles of usage under heavy wear circumstances without breaking down.

Finally, this lock provides an additional layer of protection through its built-in “Flex-Lock” feature. You can switch between automatic relocking or unlocking options after entry using your programmed access code as well as manual relocking by turning its inside thumb turn knob.

How does installation work with this product?
Answer: Installation of this lock is relatively simple thanks to detailed instructions provided in box along with required screws and mounting plates – meaning you do not need extensive DIY skills or have professional help to install it onto any standard internal doors like closet door, hallway door etc.. All in all it takes around 30 minutes if done correctly without any issues.

Is there any way I can check on my lock’s status remotely?
Answer: No remote connectivity exists on this model i.e., no support such as Wi-Fi/IoT/Bluetooth/Z-Wave etc., hence isn’t equipped enough to allow users to remotely monitor their locks’ status using phones/laptops/tablets/cloud connectivity networks from anywhere. Although there are other models available in Schlage’s range that can allow remote control and monitoring.