Resetting Lincoln LS Keyless Entry: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lincoln LS keyless entry systems are reliable and convenient, but like any other technology, they can malfunction at times. If your keyless entry system isn’t working correctly, whether it’s because of a failed battery, a lost or stolen remote, or a programming glitch, you’ll need to reset it. In this guide, we’ll give you a step-by-step rundown on how to reset your Lincoln LS keyless entry system.

Resetting Lincoln LS Keyless Entry: A Step-by-Step Guide

Determine the Type of Keyless Entry System Your Lincoln LS Uses

Lincoln LS vehicles have three types of keyless entry systems:

  • Keyless entry keypad mounted outside the car.
  • Remote key fob.
  • Combination of the above two.

The steps involved in resetting the keyless entry system will vary depending on the type of keyless entry your car has. So, before we proceed with the guide, you need to determine the type of keyless entry system you have.

Resetting a Keyless Entry Keypad

If your Lincoln LS has a keyless entry keypad mounted outside the car, you can reset its code if you know the current code. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Enter the current code.
  2. Hold down the 1-2 button at the same time.
  3. Release the 1-2 button and press and hold it again.
  4. Enter the new code using the keypad.
  5. Release the 1-2 button once the new code has been entered.
  6. Test the new code to ensure it works.

Resetting a Remote Key Fob

If your Lincoln LS has a remote key fob, the process of resetting it is slightly more complicated. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “On” position.
  2. Open the driver’s door and leave it open.
  3. Press the “Lock” button on the remote key fob.
  4. Turn the ignition key back to the “Off” position.
  5. Remove the key from the ignition.
  6. Wait for about 10 seconds and test the remote key fob.

If the remote key fob works, then you have successfully reset it. If it doesn’t, repeat the steps above.

Resetting a Combination of a Keyless Entry Keypad and Remote Key Fob

If your Lincoln LS has a combination of a keyless entry keypad and a remote key fob, you will have to reset both units separately using the respective methods. Follow the instructions for each type of keyless entry given above.

It’s worth noting that if your remote key fob is lost or stolen and you cannot reset it, you will need to contact a professional automotive locksmith who has the necessary equipment and expertise to reset it for you.


Resetting your Lincoln LS keyless entry system is not a difficult task, but it does require a bit of technical know-how. We hope this guide has been helpful in walking you through the steps involved in resetting your keyless entry system. Remember to always follow the instructions carefully and test the system to ensure it’s working correctly before using it.


Q: What should I do if my Lincoln LS Keyless Entry stops working?
A: The first step you should take is to replace the batteries in your keyless entry fob. If that doesn’t work, then you can try resetting the keyless entry system.

Q: How do I reset my Lincoln LS Keyless Entry?
A: To reset your keyless entry system, start by unlocking your car with the key. Then, get into your car and close the door. Turn the ignition on and off eight times within a span of ten seconds. The doors should lock and then unlock, indicating that the system has been reset.

Q: Will resetting my Lincoln LS Keyless Entry delete my programmed settings?
A: No, resetting your keyless entry system should not delete any of your programmed settings. However, if you are experiencing other issues with your keyless entry system, it may be necessary to reprogram your settings after resetting the system.