Protect Your Smart Home: Why Keyless Entry Jammers are a Major Threat

With the rise of technology, our homes have become smarter and more convenient. We can control our thermostats, lights, and even security systems with just a few taps on our phones. One of the most popular additions to the smart home is the keyless entry system, which allows us to lock and unlock our homes without a physical key. While this technology has made our lives easier, it also comes with a new threat: keyless entry jammers. In this article, we’ll explore what keyless entry jammers are, the damage they can cause, and how you can protect your smart home from this major threat.

Protect Your Smart Home: Why Keyless Entry Jammers are a Major Threat

What are Keyless Entry Jammers?

A keyless entry jammer is a device that can disrupt the signal between your smart lock and your phone. This means that when you try to unlock your door with your smartphone, the signal is blocked, and the lock doesn’t receive the command. The jammer prevents the lock from receiving any communication, rendering the smart lock useless. These devices are easy to obtain and can be purchased online for as little as $20.

The Damage Keyless Entry Jammers Can Cause

When your smart lock is jammed, it’s as if you never have a smart lock at all. This leaves your home vulnerable to intrusion and theft. Here are some of the potential damages keyless entry jammers can cause:

  • Security Failure – One of the most significant risks of having a jammed smart lock is a security failure. Intruders can easily enter your home without any resistance if the smart lock doesn’t work.
  • Financial Loss – Theft from your home can be a significant financial loss. Replacing what was stolen can be costly, not to mention the damage that may be caused in the process of breaking into your home.
  • Emotional Distress – Being a victim of theft can be a traumatic experience that can lead to emotional distress. It can leave you feeling violated and unsafe in your own home.

How to Protect Your Smart Home from Keyless Entry Jammers

Now that you understand the threat of keyless entry jammers, it’s essential to know how you can protect your smart home from them. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Use a Smart Lock Remote Key Fob – A remote key fob creates a secondary way to access your home in case your smartphone’s signal is blocked. This means that you can still enter your home even if your phone’s signal is jammed.
  • Choose a Smart Lock with an Alarm System – Smart locks with an alarm system can sound an alert when someone is trying to tamper with your lock. This can deter intruders and prevent them from entering your home.
  • Use a Security Camera System – A security camera system can capture footage of anyone attempting to enter your home. This can be useful evidence to help you identify and prosecute the intruder.
  • Be Mindful of Your Smartphone’s Battery Life – Keyless entry jammers work by blocking the signal between your smartphone and the smart lock. By keeping your smartphone’s battery charged, you’ll be able to maintain a strong signal and reduce the chances of being jammed.


Smart homes come with a new threat that we need to be aware of: keyless entry jammers. These devices can cause significant damage to your security, finances, and emotional well-being. However, there are ways to protect your smart home from this threat, such as using a smart lock remote key fob, choosing a smart lock with an alarm system, using a security camera system, and ensuring your smartphone’s battery is charged. By taking the necessary steps to protect your smart home, you can enjoy the convenience of modern technology without compromising your safety and security.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs regarding keyless entry jammers:

What is a keyless entry jammer?

A keyless entry jammer is a device that can disrupt the signal between a keyless entry system and the smart lock it controls. These devices transmit a signal on the same frequency as the keyless entry system, rendering the signals from the remote useless, and blocking it from locking or unlocking the door.

How do keyless entry jammers work?

Keyless entry jammers work by interfering with the signals from a keyless entry system. When the smart lock tries to receive the signal from the remote, the keyless entry jammer sends a signal that disrupts the communication between the two devices, rendering the keyless entry remote useless.

How can I protect my smart home from keyless entry jammers?

There are several ways to protect your smart home from keyless entry jammers. Firstly, make sure you choose a smart lock that has frequency hopping technology or rolling codes. This will ensure that the lock changes its frequency each time it’s used, making it harder for a keyless entry jammer to disrupt the signal. Secondly, consider adding an alarm system that will alert you to any unusual activity near your smart lock. And finally, always keep your remote keyless entry device with you, and never leave it unattended, as it could be vulnerable to theft or hacking.