PENMAMA Smart Lock Review

Our team is committed to bringing you comprehensive reviews of various smart locks from different brands. Today, we present a detailed review of the PENMAMA Smart Lock. This is our first review of a PENMAMA product, and we believe that this in-depth analysis will answer all your questions about this smart lock.

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Key Features and Compatibility

The PENMAMA Smart Lock supports Bluetooth connection technology right out of the box. This allows you to control the lock from a maximum distance of approximately 5-6 meters using the TTLock application. However, if you require remote access, you can use any Wi-Fi Gateway compatible with the TTLock application.

The Wi-Fi Gateway also enables support for the Alexa Voice Assistant, which requires an Echo, Echo Dot, or any other Echo device. However, the lock does not support Apple HomeKit, so Siri cannot be used with this smart lock.

Alexa Voice Assistant and Echo Dot

Alexa is a widely used voice assistant that allows you to lock, unlock, and check your door’s status using voice commands. We found that the PENMAMA Smart Lock works well with Alexa. The pairing process is straightforward, and we believe anyone can complete it within 5-10 minutes.

Keypad Design and Functionality

The keypad of the PENMAMA Smart Lock is sleek, modern, and touchscreen. It activates upon detecting your touch on the screen, and the illumination of the keypad is ideal for both day and night use. Locking the door is as easy as touching the # button for 2 seconds, and to unlock, you input your user code and press the # button.

Security Features

The PENMAMA Smart Lock keypad has a feature called a randomizer, which is essentially a code protector against someone watching you input your code. You can input random numbers before your user code to unlock the door. There is also a keyhole hidden under the keypad for mechanical key usage, providing an additional layer of security.

User Code Types

Programming is done over the TTLock app, which allows you to program up to 150 user codes. The user codes can be permanent, timed, one-time, erase, cyclic, or custom.

IC Cards and E-Keys

The PENMAMA Smart Lock comes with 2 IC Cards out of the box, providing an alternative way to unlock the door. E-Keys can also be used on mobile phones via the TTLock app.

Auto Lock Feature

The PENMAMA Smart Lock has an auto lock function that allows you to set a timer for the lock to automatically lock itself after the last unlocking time.

Wi-Fi Gateway

The Wi-Fi Gateway is an important addition to a smart lock as it allows you to access your door remotely from anywhere and use Alexa Voice Assistant to control the lock by your voice.

Battery Life

The PENMAMA Smart Lock requires 4 x AA Alkaline batteries, and based on our tests, we believe that the lock will have at least 3-4 months of battery life.

Installation Process

Installing the PENMAMA Smart Lock does not require any experience. Most doors are already drilled with a hole sized 2-1/8” (54mm), but an extra small hole is needed to fasten the lock better.

Technical Details

The PENMAMA Smart Lock weighs 3.25 pounds and has product dimensions of 2.56 x 6.18 x 1.58 inches. It operates at a voltageof 1.5 volts and requires 4 AA batteries. The lock is made of zinc material and is certified IP45, meaning it can withstand water splashes and dust.

Pros and Cons of PENMAMA Smart Lock

After our thorough review, we found the PENMAMA Smart Lock to be a reliable and functional smart lock with a sleek design and easy installation process. It offers multiple ways to unlock, easy programming, and a sensitive and responsive keypad. However, it lacks smart hub connection options such as Samsung SmartThings.


  • Sleek and beautiful design
  • Easy to install
  • 4 ways to unlock: user codes, E-Keys, IC Cards, and mechanical key
  • Easy to program with 150 user code memory
  • Sensitive and responsive keypad
  • Anti-peep password protection
  • One time, recurring, temporary and permanent user code types
  • Ideal for Airbnb
  • Voice control by Alexa (requires Wi-Fi gateway)
  • Remotely access and control everything of the lock (requires Wi-Fi gateway)
  • Auto Lock with flexible timer options
  • Ideal battery life
  • 2 different low battery warning
  • Micro USB port for power backup
  • Easy battery changing
  • Logs of usage for all user codes


  • No smart hub connection options such as Samsung SmartThings
  • You should press and hold # key for 2 seconds for locking

In conclusion, we would recommend the PENMAMA Smart Lock for its functionality, design, and ease of use. If you are looking for alternatives, you might consider the SMONET Keypad Smart Lock, Narpult Fingerprint Smart Lock, Kwikset SmartCode 910 Z-Wave Smart Lock, or the Hornbill Smart Lock Keyless Entry Deadbolt.

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