Mastering the 4-Digit Combination Lock in DayZ: Expert Tips

In the world of DayZ, a locked door can be a significant obstacle. However, with the right approach and a bit of patience, you can overcome this challenge. Most locks in the game are four-digit combination locks, and this guide will provide you with expert tips and strategies to master them.

Delving into the Basics of Combination Locks

To conquer the combination lock, you first need to understand its mechanics. A typical lock in DayZ consists of four digits, each of which can be any number from 0 to 9. This setup results in approximately 10,000 possible combinations. Cracking such a lock requires a basic understanding of probability and a willingness to engage in trial-and-error.

Starting with Common Number Sequences: A Simple Strategy

An effective starting point for cracking a combination lock is to try commonly used sequences. Sequences like “1234”, “0000”, or “9999” may seem obvious, but they can help narrow down potential combinations.

Exploring Common Years & Birthdays

People often use significant years, such as their birth year or a year of a memorable event, as their password. If you’re trying to crack a personal locker, combinations like “1900”, “1988”, or “2005” could be the key.

Reversals: A Common Weakness

Another common pitfall in password selection is using easily guessable reversals. For instance, if the first part of the code is “1456”, try reversing it to “6541”.

Using Contextual Clues: A Deeper Approach

If the common sequences and reversals don’t yield results, it’s time to dig deeper. Look around the immediate area for any clues that might hint at the combination.

Examining Your Environment

Could there be something written nearby, like a note or graffiti, that could hint at the code? For example, if you find a journal with a three-digit number written in it, try adding a ‘0’ at the beginning.

Looking for Patterns

Are there patterns on stickers or posters in the immediate vicinity? These patterns could serve as clues while attempting to crack the lock.

Patience: The Key to Success

Cracking combination locks is a test of patience. It’s important to take regular breaks to avoid frustration. Remember, each lock is unique, and cracking one combination doesn’t guarantee success with another.

Final Thoughts

Cracking 4-digit combination locks in DayZ can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With the expert tips outlined in this guide, you’ll have a solid starting point for cracking most locks in the game.

Remember, it’s important to respect others’ spaces in the game. Don’t break into places unless it’s your own personal locker within your base. Stay safe out there, survivors!


Can I change the combination of a lock once it is placed?

Unfortunately, you cannot change the combination of a lock that has already been placed. You must remove and replace the lock to reset it with a new combination.

What happens if I forget my combination?

If you forget your combination, you will need to use bolt cutters or an axe to break the lock and gain access to your storage unit or base. This can be risky as it creates noise that could attract zombies or other players, so make sure to keep your code somewhere safe and easily accessible.

How do I know if someone has tampered with my locked storage container?

If someone tries to enter an incorrect code into your lock repeatedly (usually five times), the lock will become unusable for about 10 minutes before resetting itself. Additionally, any attempts at breaking open or using tools on the locked container will damage its health bar over time—a damaged bar indicates previous tampering attempts by unauthorized players.