Master Your Security: Change Code on Lockey Digital Lock in Minutes!

Master Your Security: Change Code on Lockey Digital Lock in Minutes!


Digital locks have become increasingly popular for home security due to their convenience and ease of use. The Lockey brand is one of the top providers of digital locks, offering a range of models that suit different needs and preferences. One important aspect of maintaining your digital lock’s security is regularly changing the lock code. In this article, we will guide you through the process to change the code on your Lockey digital lock quickly and easily.

Why Change Your Digital Lock Code?

Changing your digital lock code regularly helps ensure that only authorized individuals can access your home or property. If someone has obtained unauthorized access to your current passcode, it’s crucial to change it immediately to preserve security. Other reasons include:

  • Avoiding key duplication
  • Enhancing flexibility over who has access during vacation periods
  • Deactivating old codes if house keys go missing

Tips Before You Begin

Before you start with changing the code on your Lockey digital lock, consider these tips:

1) Read through all instructions before starting.
2) For added safety, activate a “lockout” mode for 15 minutes after incorrect keypad entries.
3) Keep two sets of batteries available as some models give low battery indicators during programming.

Steps To Change The Code On A Lockey Digital Doorlock

Step 1: Remove Cover & Locate Reset Button

The first step towards changing the code is removing the cover from your lock by removing any screws securing it and then pulling gently outward until released. Next, locate the reset button on either side but confirm by checking online product manuals as not all models have them in plain sight.

Step 2: Press And Release The Reset Button

Using a screwdriver or another similarly pointed tool while pushing firmly down onto whichever side holds an observable reset button until hearing clicks coming from inside which indicate successful execution.

Step 3: Enter the Current Code

After resetting, enter your current code to gain access. This step is vital since you need to enter your existing code before programming a new one.

Step 4: Press The ‘C’ Button

Press the “C” button after inputting your current code. If it wasn’t activated automatically during last entry, this key clears any previous stored data that would interfere with proceeding steps.

Step 5: Enter A New Code

Type in a new passcode comprising of between four and six digits on some models or letters for others. Make sure it’s something memorable but difficult for others to guess by avoiding easily identifiable sequences such as birthdays or easy-to-spot patterns like ‘12345’ or ‘1111’.

Step 6: Save New Keycode And Reinstall Cover

Once you’ve entered the new passcode, ensure you save it by following configuration instructions which depend on different models’ designations provided in respective user manuals. After completing setup processes according to individual product manuals, reinstall cover with previously removed screws and test out the lock using the new passcode.


Changing your digital lock code regularly is essential for ensuring optimal home security. Follow our guide to change the Lockey digital lock codes quickly and easily right at home without needing professional help while maintaining full control over who can come in and out of your property. Remember always to keep spare batteries available just in case they run low during programming sessions! With these steps done correctly, you’re now armed with another layer of defense against unauthorized access attempts both when present or away from home.

In summary, changing Lockey digital locks can be achieved quickly and with minimal effort if all pre-requisites are kept in mind beforehand such as preparation/storage arrangements made ahead along with specific manufacturer-model-specific instructions towards entering/resetting keycode combinations leading up until final installation procedures have been followed carefully.


Here are three popular FAQs related to changing the code on Lockey digital locks:

1) Q: How often should I change the code on my Lockey digital lock?
A: It’s generally recommended that you change the code at least once every six months for added security. However, it’s a good idea to also change the code if you suspect someone has gained unauthorized access or if there has been a security breach.

2) Q: Can I program multiple codes into my Lockey digital lock?
A: Yes, most models of Lockey digital locks allow you to program multiple user codes, so each family member or employee can have their own unique access code. This feature is especially useful in scenarios where different people need varying levels of access.

3) Q: What happens if I forget my programmed PIN on my Lockey digital lock?
A: If you forget your programmed PIN, don’t worry. You can reset the lock and set a new password by following specific instructions outlined in your product manual or available online. Typically this involves entering an override PIN provided with your device, then following a series of button presses and codes based on your model number. Make sure to store any override PINS in a safe place and away from prying eyes for future reference.

Note that specific instructions may vary based on different models of Lockey Digital locks – it’s important to refer to the user manual for detailed steps relevant to your device before performing these operations!