Master Lock 4 Digit Combination: How to Set Yours

Are you looking for an easy and secure way to keep your belongings safe? A Master Lock with a 4-digit combination can provide the perfect solution. In this article, we’ll show you how to set your own 4-digit combination on a Master Lock, step-by-step.

Master Lock 4 Digit Combination: How to Set Yours

Why use a 4 digit combination lock?

A combination lock is an ideal choice for securing personal items like luggage, gym bags, or school lockers since it doesn’t require keys that can easily be misplaced or stolen. The four digits offer more than 10,000 possible combinations making it extremely difficult to guess without knowing the exact code.

Steps to Set Your Own Combo

Here are the steps for setting up your own personalized combo:

  1. Begin by opening the padlock by entering the factory preset code “0-0-0-0”.
  2. Locate and remove the reset tool pin from inside of the shackle.
  3. Insert the reset tool into one of two small holes in front of the number dials.
  4. Turn ’tilting’ at approximately a 45-degree angle until you hear/feel a ‘click’.
  5. Now rotate through several numbers (minimum seven rotations) clockwise so that each time you come back around there is resistance against turning further – this sets your new code’s first digit
  6. Repeat step five but counterclockwise.
  7. Finalize second-setting process by moving forward three spaces in either direction from within starting point picked when began setting numbers which represented digits desired on newly created passcode sequence; after getting close enough turn dial(s) slowly towards innermost position till hitting chosen/newly-created marker indicated

Your new combination is now set!

Tips and Tricks

Before locking up with your new combo, consider these tips:

  • Memorize it: Make sure you remember it accurately without writing it down where someone else might see.
  • Don’t repeat combinations: Avoid using an easy-to-guess combination like “1-1-1-1” or “1234”.
  • Test your new combo: Make sure to test the new lock with your new combination before locking anything up.

By following these simple steps, you can set up your own 4-digit combination on a Master Lock and keep your personal belongings safe and secure.


Master Lock’s 4 digit combination lock is an excellent security solution for personal items that need to be kept safe. By setting up your own personalized code, you’ll be able to deter thieves from trying to guess it while keeping peace of mind knowing that only those who know the secret code will gain access. Remember, follow these instructions carefully and never set a predictable or common code making any potential entry one more step difficult – this means less risk of burglary or unauthorized access without compromising user convenience!


Sure! Here are three popular FAQs related to setting a 4-digit combination for Master Lock, along with their answers:

Q: How do I open my new Master Lock if I don’t know the preset combination?
A: To find out the preset combination of your new lock, check the instruction manual that came with it or contact Master Lock customer service. The resettable combination locks usually come pre-set with combinations like 0-0-0-0 or 1-2-3-4.

Q: How do I set my own custom combination on a Master Lock?
A: First, open the lock using its current combination (or factory preset). Then, turn the shackle 180 degrees and press it down firmly into the body of the lock. While holding it down, set your desired four-digit code by turning each numbered dial until you have chosen all four numbers in sequence. Release pressure on shackle and scramble numbers to lock your selected code.

Q: Can I change my existing code without knowing what it currently is?
A: No, you must know your current or factory-set code before you can change it to a new one on most models of Master Locks that use dial indicators as there is no reset button available at such locks types; other than contacting locksmiths who could hack these locks physically though.

I hope this helps answer some common questions about setting a 4-digit combination on Master Locks!