Lockly Smart Lock: Which Door Thicknesses Are Compatible?

As the popularity of smart home technology continues to grow, more and more homeowners are looking for ways to enhance the security of their homes. One effective solution is a smart lock, which allows users to remotely control access to their home and monitor who enters and exits through their doors. The Lockly Smart Lock is a popular choice among homeowners due to its advanced features such as fingerprint recognition, app control, voice commands compatibility, auto-locking options etc. However, one major question that many consumers have is whether or not the Lockly Smart Lock will be compatible with their specific door thicknesses. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different door thickness compatibilities of the various models in order to help you choose which one works best for your needs.

Lockly Smart Lock: Which Door Thicknesses Are Compatible?

Understanding Different Door Thicknesses

Before delving into which models are most compatible with various door thicknesses let’s understand how different types of doors operate.

Most exterior residential houses use standard pre-hung doors which come in 4-9/16″, 5-1/4″, 6-9/16″ jamb sizes mostly for ease of framing out them while building taking all kind of factors such as insulation depth & level requirements during colder weather etc.. While interior doors have varied dimensions ranging from roughly anywhere between 1-3/8″ up to around 2 inches thick depending on decor choices they made.

Once you know what type(s)of doors you have installed currently then finding suitable model(s)that fit in becomes easy & directly proportional because these locks snug into cavity’s cutout created by handyman/workmen/women who did installation prior either by using pre-existing holes already present or went ahead making it themselves depending upon hardware requirement being compatible readily available during install time.

Compatibility Chart For Different Models Of Locally Smart Locks

Here is a simple guide determining which Lockly Smart Lock models work with different door thicknesses:

Lockly Secure

  • Works best with doors that are between 1-3/8″ and 2 inches thick
  • Features a universal design for easy installation on most standard residential doors

Lockly Secure Plus

  • Compatible with door thicknesses ranging from 1-3/8″ to 2 inches
  • Has an adjustable latch, so it can accommodate different sized doors with ease.

Lockly Vision

-Suitable for any type of standard U.S. cylinder deadbolt locks which fits in most modern American homes.
-Latch accommodates door backsets ranging from either size: 2⅜” to 2¾”

Factors To Consider When Choosing Door Thickness Compatibility

Before making the final decision on which model of the Locally Smart lock you should choose, it is essential to consider some key factors such as:

Door Type And Dimensions

The first factor to consider when choosing the compatibility of the Locally Smart lock is determining what kind(s)of door you have installed in your residence .The dimensions play a significant role because they will determine whether or not your smart lock will be able to fit snugly into your door cavity without difficulty.

The Level Of Security Needed

Another critical factor that influences choosing compatibility options is how much security level one needs. If high-security features such as fingerprint scanner and voice recognition are necessary, then operators should go ahead buying higher-end versions which may be compatible as per their preference along dimension limits taken care off..


When looking for ways to enhance home security and control visitors’ access, smart locks such as those made by Locally provide an excellent option. With this information on hand about width compatibilities, potential customers can make more informed decisions regarding selecting ideal technology partners by understanding specific product variants available within same OEM avoiding choices essentially incompatible only due variety dimensions provided keeping DIY enthusiasts and Homeowners up-to-date with latest trends in the smart home industry.

By following these guidelines and evaluating which Lockly Smart Lock model is compatible with your door thicknesses, you can select a device that will offer increased security and convenient access control to your home.


Sure! Here are three popular FAQs with answers regarding the compatibility of Lockly smart locks with different door thicknesses:

What is the maximum and minimum door thickness that can be used with Lockly Smart Locks?

Lockly Smart Locks have been designed to work with doors that have a width of 1.38 inches (35mm) to 2 inches (50mm). If your door falls within this range, you should be able to install a Lockly Smart Lock without any issues.

Can I use my existing deadbolt if my door doesn’t meet the recommended thickness for installation?

If your door does not meet the recommended thickness range for installation, it is generally not safe or secure to continue using your existing deadbolt lock. However, you may want to reach out to a locksmith or professional installer who can evaluate your specific situation and make recommendations based on the condition of your current lock and door.

Are there any additional parts or accessories needed for thicker doors?

No, additional parts or accessories are required for doors within the recommended thickness range for installation. However, if you have an unusually thick door outside this range, contact customer support at info@lockly.com so they can assist you in finding a suitable solution.