Locked Out? How to Open Your Smart Door Lock without Power

Are you locked out of your smart home because of a power outage or dead batteries? Don’t worry, there are still ways to gain access to your home. In this article, we’ll explore how to open a smart door lock without power and offer some tips for preventing this situation from happening in the future.

Locked Out? How to Open Your Smart Door Lock without Power

The Risks of Getting Locked Out

Getting locked out can be frustrating and stressful, especially if you have children, pets or elderly people inside who need assistance. It’s even more challenging when you rely on smart locks that usually require electricity and internet connectivity to work properly.

If it’s late at night and the only way into your house is through a deadbolted front door with no back entrance or spare key nearby, then opening the lock becomes all the more urgent task! So what can you do?

Ways to Open Smart Door Lock Without Power:

Use Physical Keys

Many smart locks come equipped with traditional key slots as backup options in case of emergencies such as electricity blackouts or other kinds of system malfunctions like app crashes etc.

If your smart lock has one but you haven’t used it before nor know how it works – give it a try! Before emergency strikes put them somewhere where they’re easily accessible by anyone who needs them: don’t just leave them lying around!

Pro tip: Always keep track of physical keys by giving them specific place so that they easy to find during emergency situations.

Use Backup Power Options

Some brands provide alternate methods for powering their devices in emergency situations (either as an additional accessory purchased separately or already built-in). You should check which ones are available and purchase/enable them beforehand just so these devices will always be ready for use when needed most!

Examples include:

  • Using USB port
  • Single-use battery
  • Battery charging station/case
  • Mechanical crank power supply

Mobile App

Some smart lock apps can function even when there is an outage in the system! If you have a mobile app that controls your smart lock, you might be able to open it with this option.

However, remember that outages typically affect both device-electricity and internet connectivity – rendering mobile data useless!

Smart Lock resets

If none of these options work, you might need to reset your smart lock. This process could vary from one brand to another, but usually involves pressing or holding certain buttons and following some specific instructions.

Tips for avoiding a locked-out situation:

There are several ways to prevent getting locked out of your home:

  • Always keep physical keys handy
  • Set reminders to check battery levels on a regular basis (at least once per month)
  • Purchase backup power batteries
  • Enable automatic notifications/alerts whenever battery level drops too low
  • Keep extra USB chargers or cables nearby just in case

By keeping these tips in mind and using the recommended methods for opening a smart door lock without power, you’ll minimize the likelihood of finding yourself stuck outside your own home because of electricity blackouts/battery deaths! Always remember: safety first!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs related to opening a smart door lock without power and their corresponding answers:

Q: What should I do if my smart lock battery dies and I can’t unlock the door with my phone or keypad?
A: In this situation, you may need to use a physical key (if your lock has one) to manually unlock the door. If you don’t have a key, try using an external battery pack or 9V battery to temporarily provide power to your smart lock so that it can function normally.

Q: Can I open my smart lock remotely if there’s no power?
A: No, you cannot open a smart lock remotely if there is no power available. Remote operation of smart locks requires both the device and its associated app server to be functioning properly.

Q: How can I prevent being locked out of my house if my Smart Lock runs out of battery?
A: To avoid getting locked out due to low batteries in your smart lock, consider replacing them ahead of time as soon as you receive alerts that they’re running low on charge. You could also install a backup keypad or purchase an external battery pack for emergency situations when the primary source of power fails unexpectedly.

I hope these help!