How to Use Dell Digital Locker: Your Complete Guide

If you’ve recently purchased a Dell computer, you may have heard of the Dell Digital Locker. This cloud-based service allows users to easily download and manage their software and hardware purchases from Dell. Here’s your complete guide on how to use it.

How to Use Dell Digital Locker: Your Complete Guide

What is the Dell Digital Locker?

The Dell Digital Locker is an online service provided by Dell that lets customers manage their digital content, including applications, software, and licenses. The service securely stores all of your purchases in one place so that they are easy to access whenever you need them.

How to Access the Dell Digital Locker

  1. Go to the Dell My Account page: Visit and log in using your email address and password.
  2. Find “My Software & Peripherals”: Click on this link under “Order History.”
  3. Locate your product: You can search for it manually or use the search bar at the top of the screen.
  4. Access your product key: Once you’ve located your purchase, click on “View Details” for more information about it. Underneath “Digital Delivery”, click “Download File(s)“. A new window will open with a prompt asking if you want to run or save an executable file (*.exe). Choose “Save”.
  5. Download Files: In Firefox- check ‘Downloads’ icon below (second rightmost), In Chrome – check Downloads taskbar below (the arrow facing downwards).
    6.Click View downloaded files folder
    7.Right-click .exe file after verifying checksun value option > zip / extract files
    8.Go into extracted folder with same name as original zipped exe archive
    9.The key is either listed somewhere within a read-me text document Or simply copy/paste over where installer prompts for key.

Using the Dell Digital Locker

Once you’ve accessed your Dell Digital Locker, you can do a few different things. Here are some of the most popular features:

  • Download content: Simply click on “Download” to get access to your software and other digital purchases.
    • Note: Be aware of file size and download times based on internet speeds
  • View licenses: You can see all of your purchased licenses in one place, which makes it easy to keep track of what you own.
  • Track orders: If you need to check the status of an order or review its history, this feature will allow you to do so easily.

Tips for using the Dell Digital Locker

  1. Keep your product keys safe: Make sure that any product keys or codes associated with your purchases are stored securely since they give access to those files.
  2. Check for updates regularly: Your products may receive updates over time – don’t hesitate too long before reinstalling after updates have been downloaded as new security vulnerabilities might exist without installing them
  3. Use an antivirus program: Protect yourself from malicious attacks by having anti-virus software installed while downloading unauthorized drivers from third-party websites may lead towards malfunctioning issues.


The Dell Digital Locker is an incredibly useful tool for managing all of your digital purchases from Dell in one convenient location. Follow these steps to access and use it effectively, and enjoy having easy access to all of your software applications and hardware downloads!


Sure, here are three common FAQs that people may have about using Dell Digital Locker and their answers:

What is Dell Digital Locker, and how do I access it?
Answer: Dell Digital Locker is a cloud-based platform that allows you to store and manage digital licenses for software products that you purchased with your Dell computer. To access the digital locker, go to and log in with your Dell account credentials.

How do I add products to my Dell Digital Locker?
Answer: If you purchased any eligible software or hardware product from Dell, the license information should be automatically added to your digital locker upon purchase confirmation. If for some reason it does not appear, contact technical support or customer service for assistance.

Can I transfer licenses stored in my Digital Locker to another account/user/computer?
Answer: It depends on the specific license agreement of each product stored in the digital locker. Some licenses allow transferring ownership between accounts/users/computers while others are non-transferable. Be sure to check the terms of each license before attempting any transfers as they can vary between manufacturers/developers who offer their respective software programs through the Dell system