How to Reset Master Lock Box 4-Digit Combination – Simple Guide

Master Lock makes a wide range of lock boxes that are popular among homeowners and realtors for securing keys. These lock boxes have a four-digit combination that allows access to the keys inside. However, if you forget the combination or want to change it, resetting the Master Lock box is an easy process.

How to Reset Master Lock Box 4-Digit Combination - Simple Guide

Steps to Reset Master Lock Box 4-Digit Combination

Before starting with the reset process, make sure you have access to your current combination in case it needs to be re-entered. Here’s how you can reset your Master Lock box:

  1. Open the lock box by entering your current four-digit combination code.
  2. Once open, locate the small silver button on the inside of the door near where the latch is located.
  3. Use a pointed device such as a pen or screwdriver and press down on this button until a “click” sound can be heard.
  4. Keep pressing down on this button while you enter your desired new four-digit combination code using each number wheel.
  5. Release the silver button after setting up your new code and test if it works before closing back up.

It really is that simple! If at any point during this process anything goes wrong, refer back to instructions above for additional guidance.

Tips for Changing Your Master Lock Box Combination

To ensure success when changing out codes here are some tips:

  1. Practice entering combinations carefully before attempting initial installation
  2. Choose meaningful combinations (like birth years) avoiding obvious options such as “1234”.
  3. Don’t forget about adjusting numerical sequences every once in awhile so that they’re not easily guessed

By following these steps and tips effectively one should be able tp both secure their valuables without trouble while also maintaining security over time through changing their passcodes up regularly.


Resetting your master lockbox’s password doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With these simple steps, you’ll be able to reset the combination of your Master Lock Box 4-Digit model quickly and easily. Choosing effective and strong combinations will help ensure that your lockbox remains secure while ensuring that you can access it whenever needed!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with their answers for ‘How to Reset Master Lock Box 4-Digit Combination – Simple Guide’:

1) Q: I forgot the combination to my Master Lock box. Can I reset it?
A: Yes, you can reset the combination on your Master Lock box using a simple process. First, open the lock by entering any known or possible combination. Once the lock is opened, flip the shackle from back to front and hold it down. Next, rotate the dials to set your desired new combination. Release the shackle and scramble your new numbers to lock it in place.

2) Q: Why won’t my Master Lock box open even though I’m entering what I believe is my correct combination?
A: There could be multiple reasons why you can’t open your Master Lock box despite inputting what you think is correct code including misalignment of internal components or damage caused by accidental impact or harsh weather conditions like freezing temperatures of winter months.

3) Q: Is there a default factory preset code for Master Lock boxes that have never been used before?
A: No, there isn’t any universal factory preset master code assigned for all locks which means if you forget or lose this unique self-determined password registered during first use then only way out will resetting its configuration by following its manual instruction carefully as mentioned above