How to Remove Digital Clock on Android Lock Screen

If you’re an Android user, chances are you’ve seen the digital clock widget that appears on your lock screen by default. While this feature can be convenient, some users may find it distracting or unnecessary. Fortunately, removing the digital clock from your Android lock screen is a relatively simple process.

How to Remove Digital Clock on Android Lock Screen

Step 1: Access Your Lock Screen Settings

To remove the digital clock from your Android lock screen, you’ll first need to access your device’s lock screen settings:

  • Open the “Settings” app on your Android device.
  • Scroll down and select “Security & location.”
  • Under the “Device security” section, tap on “Lock screen preferences.”

Step 2: Customize Your Lock Screen

Once you’re in the lock screen preferences menu, you’ll have several options for customizing your lock screen display – including whether or not to show a clock:

  • Toggle off the option labeled “Show lockdown option.”
  • Look for any other settings related to displaying information or widgets on your lock screen (such as notifications) and toggle them off if desired.

Alternative method via another launcher app

Another way of removing unwanted elements such as widgets is via installing specialized launchers. There are tons of different launchers available in Google Play Store which offer customization features that go beyond what is offered initially by android OS versions.

While there are many third-party apps that can help customize and improve overall functionality of our devices, keep in mind that these apps also receive sensitive data inputs such as passwords patterns etc so we should read carefully their privacy policy before granting them permissions..

Keep in mind that removing certain items like widgets could affect usability/functionality with regards to how quick we check up-to-date info like weather calendar events battery life etc..

Always proceed cautiously when making changes like these — especially when they involve security-related features of your phone.

Once removed successfully , enjoy having a cleaner lock screen experience on your Android device.


The process of removing the digital clock from your Android lock screen can help improve the appearance and usability of your device for those who find it unnecessary or distracting. By accessing the lock screen preferences menu in your Android device’s settings, you can easily toggle off this feature.

Moreover, using specialized launcher apps available via Google Play Store could enable users to access even more extensive customization options such as hiding all widget elements .

Make sure to proceed carefully when making changes that involve security-related features of your phone, always check app permissions and read policies thoroughly before proceeding with installation/removing actions like these.

Overall, customizing our devices helps us getting much more personalized experiences while still improving utility value by not compromising system features at large.. This is an example of one very small change that could make a big difference in how we use our smart devices.


Here are three popular FAQs with answers on how to remove digital clock on Android lock screen:

How do I remove the clock widget from the lock screen on my Samsung Galaxy phone?
To remove the digital clock or any other widget from your Samsung Galaxy’s lock screen, follow these steps:
Long-press on an open area of your home screen until you see a menu pop up at the bottom.
Select “Widgets” from this menu and swipe to find the “Digital Clock” widget, then tap and hold it.

Drag it over to the trash can icon that appears, and release your finger.
The digital clock will be removed from your lock screen.

How can I disable the time display on my Xiaomi phone’s lock screen?
To disable time display or any other notifications as well in MIUI11:

    Go to Settings -> Lock Screen & Password -> Advanced settings;
    Here under Display items section, just toggle off everything that should not reflect in Lockscreen including Digital Clock.

Can I customize which widgets appear on my Pixel phone’s lock screen?
Yes! You can customize which widgets appear—or even turn all widgets off—on your Pixel’s lock screen by doing this:

    Swipe down twice anywhere inside Quick Settings so that you now see a gear icon
    – Tap “Customize” – Scroll down and tap “Lock Screen Display.”
    – From here adjust what shows up where but focusing specifically on removing clocks; uncheck both Clocks & Personal results for less information showing up while locked

I hope these answers help!