How to Open a Master Lock 4 Digit Combination: Step-by-Step Guide

Master Lock is a popular brand of padlocks known for their durability and security. Many people use them to secure their belongings, such as bikes, lockers, or storage units. However, what happens if you forget the combination or need to open someone else’s lock? In this article, we will guide you through the process of how to open a Master Lock 4-digit combination using different methods.

How to Open a Master Lock 4 Digit Combination: Step-by-Step Guide

Method 1: Using the Normal Procedure

The normal procedure for opening a Master Lock involves inputting the designated code into its dial. Below are the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Turn Right Twice

Turn your dial right twice until it stops at zero.

Step 2: Turn Left Once

Turn your dial left one full turn (a full cycle) past “zero” and stop at your first number in line with “0.”

Step 3: Turn Right One Full Cycle

Make a full rotation turning right past “zero” once again until reaching your second number on that line with “0.”

Step 4: Turn Left Once Again

On third rotating attempt navigate towards from starting point by passing zero gauges every time when higher/selected numbers are touched though keeping continuity till reaches last digit.

Note that these steps might take up an amount of time but patience pays off in certain instances where opening can lead into bad situations.

Method 2: Using Brute Force

If you forgot address of matchless selection method there might be ways often referred as “brute force” method used by locksmiths.
Using this method requires less precision but more hardware resources along with much longer period required than anywhere between not long enough and several hours.
Here is how it goes:

### Step By step Process Of Opening The Padlock:

#### STEPS:
  - First, acquire a pair of pliers having needle-nose or small wire cutters, and a car jack.
  - Open the padlock from its bottom. Locksmiths use pliers to tamper inside it then dislocate casing.
  - Remove the locking pin from where it is positioned. Using jacks could be useful but any alternative strong equipment 
    would also do.
  - Keep rotating through all possible set of numbers within respective range up till it matches and unlocks

Method 3: Contacting Master Lock Company

If you have forgotten your combination and do not want to spend time trying different combinations or using brute force methods, contacting Master Lock company is always an option.

Step by step Process for Contacting the Master Lock Company :

  • You can visit their official website ,
  • Select Consumer Services Option found at top-right corner of screen,
  • Choose “Lost Combos” tab under Customer Service section,
  • Fill out the order form online with required fields consisting some personal identification details such as contact number,email address, shipping address etc., along with lock ID which can be found on backside of every product either laser-engraved in metal or embossed onto a plastic cover.

Once requested they will mail you instructions along with new working code if identification submitted was confirmed legitimate, remember never share sensitive information even after website authentication confirmation message because there are chances that phishing sites scams exist, hence safeguard yourself.


Opening a Master lock might seem complicated at first, but with these three methods in mind (the normal procedure approach 1 , brute force method approach 2 and contacting manufacturers support line approach 3 ) we hope that opening locks will no longer present itself as something inaccessible . If you’re ever unsure about how to open your particular model though just get in touch someone experienced like locksmiths instead spending hours in front doing internet researches. We hope this guide has prepared you well for potential locked situation, good luck unlocking your Master lock today!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs about opening a Master Lock 4 digit combination and their answers:

I forgot my combination. What should I do?

If you’ve forgotten your combination, don’t worry! You can still open the lock using some common methods such as guessing or cracking the code, trying all possible combinations in order (this will take some time), or using a reset tool if you have set up one for your lock.

Can I change the combination on my Master Lock?

Yes, you can change your Master Lock’s 4-digit combination by following these steps:
Open the lock with the existing combination.
Find and press down on the release button located at the bottom of inside shackle.
Change to desired new code.

Turn dials back to original position.

My Master Lock won’t open even though I am entering my correct code. What should I do?

Double-check that you’re entering each digit of your 4-digit code correctly and try pulling up on shackle while rotating dials.If it still doesn’t work,you may want to clean out any debris from inside of lock mechanism using compressed air.The issue might also be caused by worn-out internal components like springs etc,in this case,it’s recommended replacing them with new parts.In both cases professional locksmiths are good option too as they know how to deal with locks more efficiently than usual people can.