Double Your Security: Install 2 Smart Locks On Your Front Door

Are you looking for ways to enhance your home security but uncertain which smart lock to use? Why compromise with one when you can double up and install two locks on the same door? By doing so, you’d not only increase the level of protection provided by a single lock, but also benefit from more advanced features that each lock offers.

Here are some tips and insights to guide you in installing two smart locks on your front door:

Double Your Security: Install 2 Smart Locks On Your Front Door

Benefits of Installing Two Smart Locks

  • Double layer security: When both locks work together, they add an extra layer of protection for your house. Even if one lock is compromised or fails, another will still be able to keep unwanted visitors out.
  • Different access methods: Each of these locks comes with different ways of accessing it. Having multiple options allows users greater flexibility in terms of who has keyless entry.
  • Enhanced functionality: Different types of smart locks come with their own unique features such as voice commands or remote control via mobile apps. With two compatible devices installed on the same door, homeowners can enjoy extended functionality from both devices.

Tips for Installing Two Smart Locks

  1. Choose two compatible brands/models: It’s important that both devices can operate properly without interfering with each other’s functions. Do thorough research before buying any device to ensure they’re compatible with each other.
  2. Select different types: To gain maximum benefits from using two smart locks at once, consider choosing them based on what sets them apart from each other such as biometric vs keypad-based authentication technology.
  3. Ensure enough space between the locks: Before installation begins make sure there is adequate room between the deadbolts/lock hardware so that locking/unlocking either does not interfere with the other.
  4. Consult Installation Manuals Closely: Follow manufacturer guidelines while installing these supplemental units; they may differ from their traditional counterparts or may have mechanistic nuances that need to be taken care of.


By adding a second smart lock, you are doubling your security by creating a dual-layered protection system. With different access methods and enhanced functionality provided by both locks, homeowners gain greater flexibility in securing their homes. However, it’s important to select compatible units and leave adequate space between the devices before installation begins.

Consider these tips before investing your time and money into double smart lock installations for better home security performance.


Sure, here are three popular FAQs about installing two smart locks on a front door along with their answers:

Why install two smart locks on my front door?
By installing two smart locks on your front door, you can add an extra layer of security to your home. Two separate deadbolts make it more difficult for intruders to pick or break into the lock and gain entry into your home.

Can I use two different brands/models of smart locks on the same door?
Yes, it is possible to use two different brands or models of smart locks as long as they are compatible with each other and fit properly onto your door. However, it may be easier to manage if both of the smart locks were from the same manufacturer so that you can control them using a single app.

Do I need professional installation for double smart lock setup?
It depends on how comfortable you feel with DIY installation and whether or not the product requires professional installation services.There are lots of manufacturers offer step-by-step guides to making sure that users can easily install their own devices.However ,if you don’t have any experience with wiring, drilling or cutting then its highly recommended consulting professional locksmith for this kind of project because improper installation could cause damage to your doors which could result in costly repairs later on down road.And professionals also ensure that everything is installed securely .