DIY Digital Door Lock: Secure Your Home in Minutes

DIY Digital Door Lock: Secure Your Home in Minutes


A secure home is a happy home. And one of the essential components for ensuring your family’s safety is a reliable lock on your front door. While traditional locks have served us well over the years, digital door locks have become increasingly popular due to their convenience and security features.

In this article, we’ll explore DIY digital door locks and how they can be installed quickly and easily to secure your home in minutes. We’ll also dive into some of the best options available, with reviews based on testing done by UClocks.

What Is A Digital Door Lock?

A digital door lock is an electronic locking system that replaces traditional mechanical locks. Instead of using a physical key to unlock the door, these systems offer various methods of entry such as fingerprint scanning, passcodes or smart devices like smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth connectivity.

Advantages Of A Digital Door Lock

There are many advantages to installing a digital door lock at home:

  • Convenience: With no keys required, you don’t need to worry about losing them or fumbling around trying to find them in your pocket when carrying grocery bags.
  • Security: Most digital locks come with added security features such as built-in alarms that alert you if someone tries to force entry.
  • Remote access: Some models allow you remote access so that you can control who has access without having anyone else present.
  • Easy installation:Digital locks are easy-to-install as there’s no need for physical alteration or permanent changes made.

Selecting The Best DIY Digital Door Locks

When selecting the best DIY digital door lock for your needs, it’s crucial to consider factors like price point, features like locking mechanisms (keypad/fingerprint/Bluetooth), battery life expectancy & backup power supply,as well as compatibility with smart technology should be taken into account.

Based on our experience testing out several different models from trusted brands, we have compiled a list of some of the best DIY digital door locks available on the market:

1. August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro is an easy-to-install and truly “smart” lock that can be controlled by smartphones or your virtual assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This product allows for real-time access control with remote monitoring through its DoorSense technology which notifies you whether your door is secure or not.


  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Works with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant
  • Temperature sensors to monitor temperature inside home
  • Send guest keys from anywhere at any time
  • Can use existing deadbolt

2. Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

This smart lock has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so that it’s always connected to your home network, enabling you to control it from virtually anywhere using the Schlage Home App. It also features a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen display that ensures nobody else will be able to tell what numbers you press.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Enable guests temporary access code
  • Control and monitor via app on smartphone
  • Z-wave compatible (must purchase hub separately)

3. Kwikset Kevo Touch-to-open Bluetooth Smart Lock

The Kwikset Kevo Touch-To Open Bluetooth Smart Lock offers hands-free keyless entry through their patented “touch-to-open” technology in addition to traditional-keyed entry methods.This lock uses Bluetooth LE (low energy) wireless protocol allowing users to seamlessly connect their phone and unlock their front door while they’re still in range.


  • User-friendly touch controls
  • Supports fobs & physical keys as backup options

Installation Instruction For DIY Digital Door Locks

Installing a digital door lock all by yourself may seem like an intimidating task for many people, but this couldn’t be farther from reality! Here are some general installation steps that are common among most digital lock models.

Step 1: Remove The Old Lock

Firstly, remove the old mechanical lock system from your external door.

Step 2: Make Space For Your New Digital Lock

The next step is to create space where the new digital lock will be installed. Fit in a mounting plate onto your door as per the manufacturer’s instructions to make for an ideal foundation.

Step 3: Mount The Device Onto The Plate

Once the mounting plate has been installed on the right spot, attach and secure your new digital device into place using provided screws.

Step 4: Connect any wires or set up Bluetooth functionality

Follow manufacturer’s guidelines regarding wiring methods or Bluetooth setup procedures required. Most modern DIY digital door locks can be connected via smartphone app by following tutorial videos or instructions found with packaging.


A great way to enhance security at home is by installing a reliable and efficient smart lock. With our roundup of some of the best DIY digital door locks in this article, you’re now well-equipped to select and install one within minutes! Remember always to read user reviews before purchasing any product online because it provides insights into its performance over time from real-life users. And don’t forget; always follow installation guides carefully along with taking necessary precautions so that installation remains quick and hassle-free!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers related to DIY digital door locks that can help secure your home:

What is a digital door lock, and how does it work?
A digital door lock is an electronic device that allows you to lock and unlock doors without the need for physical keys. It uses a code or PIN, biometric information like fingerprints or facial recognition, or even smartphone connectivity to grant access to authorized users. Many models come with additional features such as remote access control and monitoring.

Are digital door locks secure enough to protect my home from intruders?
Yes, most modern digital door locks use advanced encryption methods and tamper-resistant materials that make them much more difficult to pick than traditional key-based locks. Some models also have alarm systems linked directly to security services in case of suspicious activity.

Can I install a digital door lock myself, or do I need professional assistance?
Most DIY-friendly models of digital door locks come with comprehensive instructions aimed at helping homeowners install the devices themselves in just a few minutes using standard tools such as screwdrivers and drills. However, if you’re not comfortable dealing with wiring or drilling holes into your walls, it might be best to hire a professional locksmith for installation purposes instead.