Crack Your 4-Digit Combination Lock Box: Easy Steps

Do you have a 4-digit combination lock box at home but can’t remember the code? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll provide you with some easy steps to crack your 4-digit combination lock box.

Crack Your 4-Digit Combination Lock Box: Easy Steps

Determine the type of lock box you have

The first step in cracking your lock box is identifying its type. There are mainly two types of combination locks – single-dial and multiple-dials.

  • Single-dial locks: These locks require just one dial to set and reset the code.
  • Multiple-dial locks: These locks need more than one dial to input different combinations resulting in an increased number of possible codes.

Try a default or common code

Many manufacturers set default combinations for their lock boxes that can be easily found in the manual or online. Some common codes such as ‘0000′ or ‘1234’ may also work if someone has previously changed them and forgotten what they changed it to.

Use Brute Force Method

If all else fails, you can always use brute force method which involves trying every possible combination until it unlocks.
Here is how:

  1. Start at “0000” on the dial and pull down on the shackle lever (or turn clockwise) to see if it opens.
  2. If not, try moving up one digit (e.g., “0001”) and repeat Step 1 until there’s success!

Note: This method might take some time because there are many possible combinations.

Last Resort: Call A Locksmith

If nothing works out for you then calling locksmith could be last option left for opening up your precious items locked inside.

By following these easy steps, hopefully now you know how to crack your 4-digit combination lock box without damaging it! Remember, keep your new code safe so that next time you won’t need to go through this hassle again.


Locks are designed to keep our valuables safe, but forgetting a combination can be frustrating. Follow these easy steps and try not to forget it in the future!


Here are three popular FAQs related to “Crack Your 4-Digit Combination Lock Box: Easy Steps” with their answers:

Q1. What should I do if the combination lock box doesn’t open after following these steps?
A1. If you have followed all the steps correctly and the combination lock box still does not open, it could be due to several reasons such as incorrect dialing sequence or a mechanical error in the lock. You may need to repeat the process again, check if you’re using correct codes and method. If all else fails, consider calling a locksmith for assistance.

Q2. How can I adjust or reset my 4-digit code for my lockbox?
A2. Most 4-digit combination lock boxes come with instructions on how to reset your code, which is typically done using a button or lever located inside the box or under its cover plate.To reset your code, follow manufacturer’s instruction manual that came along with product.

Q3. Are there different types of combination locks available in market ?
A3.Yes,you can find different types of Combination locks depending upon your requirements.There are traditional mechanical dials style locks where you turn several times clockwise then counter-clockwise until you hit each number.ALSO now digital models that use keypads have become more popular too.Some manufacturers even combine both technology in one product which make them unique from others.

It’s important to read manufacturer’s instruction manual before use so you’ll know exactly how it works and what precautions needs to be taken while operating it .