Controlling Multiple August Smart Locks Made Easy: One Remote Access for All

In the realm of smart home technology, August Smart Locks have emerged as a popular choice for homeowners seeking to enhance their home security. These locks offer a blend of convenience and security, allowing homeowners to control access to their homes right from their smartphones. But what happens when you have multiple August Smart Locks installed in your home? Managing each lock separately can be a daunting task, especially when you need to provide access to several people or guests.

Fortunately, there’s a solution that simplifies the management of multiple August Smart Locks: remote access. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of August Smart Locks, exploring how remote access can streamline the management of multiple locks, enhance your home security, and save you time.

Understanding Remote Access

Remote access is a feature that allows you to control your smart locks from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. This means you don’t need to be physically present at your home to manage your locks. With remote access, you can monitor who enters and exits your property and grant temporary or permanent access to specific individuals without having to be on-site.

The Role of August Connect in Remote Access

August Home offers its users a feature called “August Connect,” which enables remote control over their smart locks through Wi-Fi connections. By installing an August Connect device into one of the locks (or a Bridge product which supports multiple locks), all other connected smart locks will automatically work with it, making managing multiple products easier than ever before.

To utilize this feature, you need to download the free August mobile app, use it to install an “August Connect” device, and then connect all other smart locks around the house via the Wi-Fi network. After setting up these steps, every connected lock gets controlled by one unified process through open/close commands using only one smartphone app, providing effortless management of various devices.

The Benefits of Using Remote Access with Multiple August Smart Locks

By using remote access with multiple August Smart Locks, you can enjoy several benefits. These include:

  • Convenient Management: Manage all your smart locks through a single app installed on your smartphone.
  • Enhanced Security: Track access history and grant temporary or permanent access to specific individuals, improving the security of your home.
  • Time-Saving: With streamlined management, controlling multiple August Smart Locks is easy and less time-consuming. It provides convenient one-step entry/exit for individuals on multiple doors with ease.

How to Manage Multiple August Smart Locks

Managing multiple August Smart Locks is made easy with the August Home app. This app serves as a centralized platform where you can control all your locks. Here’s how it works:

August Home App

The August Home app is your command center for all your August Smart Locks. With this app installed on your smartphone, you can lock and unlock doors, grant guest access, and monitor activity. This means you can see who’s coming and going in real-time, right from your phone.

August Connect

August Connect is a device that connects your August Smart Locks to Wi-Fi. This connection enables remote access and allows your locks to integrate with smart home systems. With August Connect, you can control your locks from anywhere, receive real-time notifications, and even use voice commands through smart home assistants like Alexa.

Multiple Users

One of the standout features of the August Home app is its ability to accommodate multiple users. Each user can have their own unique digital keys, allowing for personalized access. This is particularly useful for homes with multiple residents or for homeowners who frequently have guests.

Does August Connect Work With Multiple Locks?

Each August Smart Lock requires a dedicated August Connect device for full functionality. However, a hub like SmartThings can bypass the need for multiple August Connect devices, albeit with some loss in functionality.

August Connect Functionality

The August Connect acts as a bridge to Wi-Fi, enabling features like remote access, notifications, and integration with home assistants like Alexa. This means you can control your locks from anywhere, receive real-time notifications about your lock status, and even control your locks using voice commands.

Alternatives to August Connect

While August Connect offers a seamless experience with August Smart Locks, there are alternatives available. Options like Homekit and SmartThings can bypass the need for August Connect, but they come with their own limitations and may not support all features. It’s important to research and consider these alternatives based on your specific needs and smart home setup.

Community Insights: Multiple Locks, One Connect

In addition to the official resources and guides, it’s also helpful to consider the experiences and insights shared by the user community. Various users have discussed their experiences and challenges with managing multiple August Smart Locks on platforms like Reddit. Some users suggest using a hub like SmartThings to manage multiple locks, offering a different perspective and potential solution.


Can I still use my existing keys with an August smart lock if I have several locks installed in different places?

Yes, you can continue to use your existing physical keys alongside your August smart locks. The smart lock replaces only the interior of your existing deadbolt, leaving the exterior hardware and keyhole unchanged.

Do I need multiple Wi-Fi hubs or bridges to control multiple August smart locks remotely?

No, a single Wi-Fi hub or bridge from August can support up to 16 connected devices, so it’s possible to control multiple locks from a single hub using the same remote access method.

How do I set up remote access for multiple floors or buildings with multiple August smart locks?

To set up remote access for multiple locations that each have their own set of locks, you’ll need separate Wi-Fi hubs/bridges for each location or building. You can then add all of your separate locations within one easy-to-use app so that you can control all your doors easily and efficiently from anywhere using just one account on any mobile device equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

Conclusion: Simplifying Smart Lock Management

If you have multiple August Smart Locks in your home, using remote access provided by “August Connect” makes managing them simpler than ever before. Whether you want to monitor who enters/exits your property or grant customized temporary/permanent smart lock solutions to people remotely; this feature offers seamless control from anywhere in the world. Taking advantage of this option will not only enhance the security of your home but also provide the effortless convenience that comes along with owning multiple smart locks.