Control Home Access with August Smart Lock – Easy Install, Smartphone Integration

Are you tired of fumbling for your keys every time you come home? Do you worry about losing your keys or unauthorized entry into your home? If so, the August Smart Lock could be a game-changer for you. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the August Smart Lock, which allows homeowners to control access to their homes from their smartphones.

Control Home Access with August Smart Lock - Easy Install, Smartphone Integration

What is an August Smart Lock?

The August Smart Lock is a device that replaces the traditional deadbolt on a door and offers homeowners keyless entry into their homes via smartphone integration technology. The lock offers convenience, security and ease-of-use all while providing greater control over who has access to your home.

How does it work?

August smart locks use Bluetooth technology so that residents can use their mobile devices (smartphones) as “keys” to unlock doors without having to carry around physical keys. Users also have the option of entering a passcode on an LED keypad attached right above it. With Alexa-enabled devices such as Amazon Echo Show or Spot users can even ask Alexa if they’ve left any doors unlocked in addition to unlocking these doors by commanding her voice assistant.

Here are some more details:

  • Bluetooth connection: The lock connects directly through Bluetooth using low-energy standards.
  • Secure app: You can download and install iOS and Android apps provided by August Home Inc., giving you complete control over timing settings, monitoring activity logs, setting up other users with permissions (such as guests), etc.
  • Alexa/Google Assistant compatibility: This device works seamlessly with Amazon’s line-up of home automation products featuring Alexa virtual assistants found in models such as Echo Dot or Fire TV Stick among others.

Is installation difficult?

Installation is simple with most people being able to do it themselves in just 10 minutes with little-to-no experience required due its plain design. August Smart Locks are designed to fit on most standard deadbolts on residential properties.

Here is what you need:

  • A drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Standard lock electronics installing tools such as jigsaws or hole saws if you want to make an absolutely clean cut
  • A stable internet connection

Here is how the installation process generally works:

  1. Remove your old lock and install the backing plate from August’s Intelligent Lock system.
  2. Attach adapter plates to both sides of the door (exterior & interior).
  3. Securely attach the smart lock mechanism in place with screws provided.
  4. Connect cables for batteries based upon instructions given with purchase / use WiFi bridge offered separately by manufacturer for remote control features
  5. Pair device with smartphone app and test door settings before usage.

What are some advantages of using an August Smart Lock?

The benefits of having keyless entry through a smart-home system like this one can be significant, including:


You’ll never have to fumble around looking for your keys again – when approaching your home, simply touch “unlock” on your phone screen! This makes it helpful for individuals who might frequently lose their keys.


August has been rated top-tier security according to many experts because there’s no physical way that someone could pick or bump it since there’s no traditional keys involved which in turn adds considerable extra physical brute force protection so homes stay safe even during break-ins


With its unique LED keypad and dual-mode air-tight seal design that securely locks doors, homeowners may take advantage of voice activation controls provided by Alexa devices along with automatic hands-free opening functionality via geofencing/IFTTT automation support.

Easy integration into any existing setup

Whether you already have other smart devices enabled within your living space or not, August will work seamlessly alongside them in order to provide increased efficiency and ultimately a simpler lifestyle.

What are some disadvantages of using an August Smart Lock?

As with any technology, there are potential drawbacks that users should be aware of before making a final decision:


The August smart lock can come at a steep price for those who want to purchase it outright. They could also consider subscribing and purchasing the optional WiFi Bridge, which allows remote access and control from anywhere in the world via smartphone app or web browser.

Battery longevity

Be sure your batteries do not fade too quickly as you may have difficulties unlocking doors if so- keep them in check frequently!


The August Smart Lock is a convenient, secure way to control home access with simple installation and smartphone integration. With its Bluetooth connection – Alexa/Google Assistant compatibility – easy integration into any existing setup – LED keypad design along with customizable permissions for guests make this system perfect across many different scenarios where security matters most! While they do have disadvantages such as pricing points or battery life problems, overall August locks will provide maximum safety levels while simultaneously being an affordable addition worthwhile regardless of your financial situation.


Sure, here are 3 popular FAQs with their answers for ‘Control Home Access with August Smart Lock – Easy Install, Smartphone Integration’:

Q: Can I still use my keys to unlock the door if I install the August smart lock?

A: Yes! The August smart lock comes equipped with an exterior keyhole so you can still use a physical key as a backup method of entry or in case your phone dies.

Q: Will the August smart lock fit on my existing deadbolt?

A: Most likely yes! The August smart lock is designed to fit over most existing single-cylinder deadbolts, which means you won’t have to replace your entire lock system. However, it’s important to check compatibility before purchasing.

Q: How do I grant access to others using the August app?

A: You can easily send virtual keys via the August app by entering someone’s email address or mobile number and selecting how long you want them to have access for (e.g., one-time access or recurring). You can also set specific dates and times for when they’re allowed entry.