Changing Door Code on Samsung Smart Lock: Step-by-Step Guide

Smart locks have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering homeowners and renters enhanced convenience, security, and flexibility. Samsung smart locks are among the most advanced and reliable options on the market, equipped with features like keyless entry, remote access control, and customizable user codes. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of changing the door code on your Samsung smart lock.

Changing Door Code on Samsung Smart Lock: Step-by-Step Guide

Why Change Your Door Code?

Changing your door code periodically is a best practice for maintaining home security. A unique and complex code can reduce the chances of break-ins or thefts by making it harder for intruders to guess or crack your code. Additionally:

  • Lost keys or compromised codes: If you lose your smartphone or physical key card that provides access to your lock’s keycode entry method as well as face some vulnerabilities if someone else were to gets their hands on them.
  • Moving houses: You just moved into a new house where there might be another person who had set up a passcode in they system before you.
  • Standard refreshment period:Even if none of these things apply—just updating passwords and other credentials returns control over one’s property back in hand regularly.

Before Beginning

Before you begin changing your door code on a Samsung smart lock, make sure:

1) Ensure that all deadbolts were removed from doors so people couldn’t use any hard material to force open them.

2) You have admin-level access rights (otherwise called “Manager Mode”) which allow users full-control permissions over various aspects such as adding guest codes or device resets when needed – higher privilege than normal users’.

You also need some equipment:

1) A good quality Phillips-head screwdriver should do it

2) New AA batteries (4 batteries)

3) Complete model numbers with pictures are always important too!

Steps For Changing Your Code

  1. Open the battery compartment on the inside of your Samsung smart lock with a Phillips-head screwdriver, and remove dead batteries (if any).

  2. Insert new AA batteries into the battery compartment in their proper positions.

  3. Press and hold the “Schlage” button located above the number pad for 5 seconds until you hear a beep sound from your device.

  4. Enter your current user code to access management mode when prompted by pressing “*.”

  5. Once in management mode, press “3,” followed by “*” to initiate door lock programming.

  6. Enter your administrative code using # sign as an end mark so that nothing is entered afterward: Eg: If my admin code is 12345678 then keypad entry would look like- 12345678#. Indicated by a flashing light on Keypad

7) Now enter either “01” for Mastercode or other codes starting from ’02’ through ’19’ if you want to create Guest codes (followed again by ‘*’) which can be used for temporary entries or recurring but time-limited as per each user’s preference etc depending on personal choice considerations such as sharing house-access with guests, family members or renters/nannies etc.

 Subsequently within some limited time-frame limit provided after step (7), enter New User Code
  Eg: Let's assume we have selected memory slot 01 in previous command->master ✓ and now want to set it up with ‘98765432’ ->(within 20 sec interval) type –> 
                > Digitpad enters ->9->8->7->6->5->4->3>2># . Then Wait till keypad blinks twice indicating that it has accepted changes made successfully

8) Repeat this process for any additional user codes you wish to create according to individual needs & convenience as long as you are following approved guideline suggestions designed just right -hard-to-crack codes with random-numbered symbols and phrases or sentences that are easier to remember from your personal life memories.

9) Once you have successfully added new user codes, press the “Schlage” button to exit programming mode.

10) Test your new code by locking and unlocking your door using the keyless entry method.

That’s it! You have now changed the door code on your Samsung smart lock for improved home security, flexibility, and convenience.


Changing the door code on a Samsung smart lock is a simple yet essential process for maintaining home security. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily create unique and complex codes that will help safeguard your property from unwanted intruders or thefts while providing access control to family members, guests or renters whenever necessary. Remember always choose harder-to-guess-codes like combination sequences of numbers including symbols making sure not be a direct reference to anything obvious around in sight!


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers for “Changing Door Code on Samsung Smart Lock: Step-by-Step Guide”:

FAQ 1: How often do I need to change the door code on my Samsung smart lock?
Answer: It is recommended that you change your door code periodically for added security. The frequency of changing the door code may vary depending on personal preference and usage. Some people choose to change it every few months, while others may change it every year or less frequently.

FAQ 2: Can I change the door code remotely through a phone app?
Answer: Yes, some models of Samsung smart locks allow you to manage and control access codes from a smartphone app. You can create new access codes or delete old ones without having to physically be at the lock itself.

FAQ 3: What happens if I forget my access code after changing it?
Answer: If you have forgotten your access code after changing it, there are a few options available. First, if you have remote management enabled through the smartphone app, you can reset your access code from there. Alternatively, depending on the model of your Samsung smart lock, there may be backup options such as using an RFID card or entering a physical key to unlock the door until you can retrieve or reset your access code.