Can Inox Door Locks Be Paired With August Smart Locks?

Smart home technology has made many aspects of everyday life easier and more convenient. One area where this is particularly evident is in smart locks, which allow homeowners to secure their homes without having to worry about lost keys or lockouts. Two popular brands in the smart lock industry are Inox and August, and many people wonder if these two types of locks can be paired together. In this article, we will explore whether it’s possible to pair an Inox door lock with an August smart lock.

Can Inox Door Locks Be Paired With August Smart Locks?

What Is An Inox Door Lock?

Before jumping into the compatibility question, let’s first define what an INOX door lock is. INOX is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing modern-style high-quality door hardware for residential, commercial spaces, as well as hotels worldwide.

INOX offers several types of door locks including mortise handlesets, mortise deadbolts or cylindrical latchsets,and all offered with various finishes on its products.Their range also includes both keyed entry and keyless options for convenience.

An INOX deadbolt or latchset itself isn’t a smart device but it does provide the physical security portion your front (or back) entrance needs by securing your house from unwanted intruders.

## What Is An August Smart Lock?
August Home Inc., now part of ASSA ABLOY corporation was founded in 2012 focusing specifically on providing innovative designs for smarter living powered by intelligent software.We could name them pioneers making housing/building equipped with “smart” capabilities.

The heart of their product line is its flagship product – The August Smart Lock.August smart locks help users manage access to their home using smartphone apps with other features like remote control via Wi-Fi connectivity,integration with voice assistants such as Alexa,and integrations with other third-party services such as Airbnb host/Guest property management

August Smart Locks are a popular choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their home’s security and control access from anywhere.

Can INOX Door Locks be paired with August Smart Locks?

The short answer is no, Inox door locks cannot be directly paired with an August smart lock.The reason why they can’t be paired together is that Inox door locks do not have the necessary technology to communicate with August smart lock devices.

In order for two devices to “pair” or communicate with each other,they need to share common protocols of communication between them.This will ensure that the devices understand what information they need to exchange and how it should be presented in a way understandable manner.

However, there are some workarounds or alternative methods you can use if you’re wanting these two types of locks in your household.Here are some ways where users can leverage both an INOX door lock and an August Smart Lock system harmoniously:

1. Physical Compatibility

Even though INOX Doorlocks don’t offer specialised intelligent compatibility features like remote credential’s management etc., they still bear standard physical dimensions(Backset length /Borehole sizes) similar to traditional residential deadbolts.
The size standards used by these two brands make it possible for them to fit perfectly into holes made for single-cylinder deadbolt-type locks which means one could install both(Inox Latchset/Deadbolts) on the same outside entryway.In case your house has separate interior and exterior entryways one could consider installing some non-permanent hardware such as drop bolts.You’ll have peace knowing you’re effectively securing your front/back doors without entirely abandoning either device.

2. Use Both Separately

While there isn’t a direct method available right now, it’s still quite practical just having both because they serve different purposes.
Your Inox Deadbolt/Latchset gives you the benefit of being physically present at outside entrances while also offering the high security level compared to some smart locks on the market.
By adding August there you can permit access by people that don’t need complete home access while not having to give traditional keys out.By doing this, you can provide your guests remote credentials(temporarily) via smartphone apps.

3. Using A Smarthome Hub

A third option is using a smarthome hub which offers multi-brand compatibility between different devices.Smarthome hubs are centralized controlling stations for multiple IoT devices in one ecosystem and thus providing an integrated and seamless experience of managing all components.To communicate with each other, it’ll be essential to check beforehand whether these two brands(Inox & August) integrate with your preferred smart-home hub.


In summary, pairing INOX door locks with August Smart Locks directly isn’t possible due to the lack of interoperability protocols.They use distinct standards of communication but alternative methods still exist to utilize both effectively depending on user preference.

So if you’re considering both an Inox Door lock and an August Smart Lock system,you may have been disappointed today,but we hope this article gives some ideas on how they could still work together as part of your overall security management.


Here are three popular FAQs regarding the compatibility of Inox door locks with August smart locks:

Can I use my existing Inox door lock with an August Smart Lock?
Answer: Yes, in most cases you can use your existing Inox door lock and pair it with an August Smart Lock. The August Smart Lock is designed to work with standard deadbolts, including many Inox models. However, it’s important to check the compatibility of your specific Inox deadlock model before making any purchase.

Do I need to replace my entire lockset for pairing with an August Smart Lock?
Answer: No, you do not necessarily have to replace the entire lockset when pairing a new Auugst smart lock. Many customers leave their exterior hardware and simply install Augsut smart deadbolt on inside or outside of the house depend on personal preference while keeping their original handle/knob set.

How do I pair an August Smart Lock with my existing Inox Door Locks?
Answer: To pair your existing Inox door lock with an August Smart Lock you will need first install your august Deadbolt then follow instructions thru mobile app which includes choosing options that apply best for pre-installed doors such as “no backplate”,”low-profile”, etc… Once successfully installed both devices should be able to connect via Bluetooth and WiFi using simple steps from mobile app prompts.

Note : These answers are based on general guidelines only and may vary depending upon specific products and versions used by customers