Are Nintendo Switch digital codes region-locked? Explained.

If you’re a proud owner of a Nintendo Switch, then you know how exciting it is to explore the vast collection of games available on the platform. While many gamers opt for physical copies of their favorite games, others prefer digital downloads.

But what happens if you’re traveling abroad or want to purchase a game from another region using a digital code? Are those codes region-locked as well?

In this article, we’ll explore whether Nintendo Switch digital codes are region-locked and how you can navigate any potential restrictions.

Are Nintendo Switch digital codes region-locked? Explained.

What are Nintendo Switch Digital Codes?

Nintendo Switch digital codes are essentially virtual vouchers that allow users to purchase and download specific games directly onto their console. These codes can be redeemed through the eShop or via online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy or GameStop.

Generally speaking, these codes are an easy and convenient way for gamers to access their favorite titles without having to leave home or wait for shipping times associated with physical media.

So, Are Nintendo Switch Digital Codes Region-Locked?

The answer is not straightforward but bear with us. To begin with there two types of regions: Console Regions which indicates where your console was purchased from/household and Game Regions which represents different countries where certain games have been released

Firstly – The majority opinion suggests that yes – most digital content (including game codes) will follow the same regional restrictions set by your Console’s location.- This means If your switch’s “Console Region” is set exclusively in North America then all redeemable contents must also come from similar sources within North America which makes all other foreign-region stores unavailable,

So if someone were travelling outside this zone they may struggle to use existing redeemable purchases because while they would carry over between devices tied solely in that original Console family/region , somebody living on the opposite side world may be prevented accessing them based upon local distribution regulations.
For Instance, A Japanese Nintendo account cannot redeem codes purchased from European or North American regions.

But hang on a moment,

While this may be the general rule, there are some exceptions that exist. For example – for online subscription services like Nintendo Switch Online- The digital codes allow users to access their accounts regardless of their console’s region.

Similarly sometimes individual game publishers offer “Global” versions of their content which can be redeemed internationally without any geographical restrictions. So its worth doing some research before making a purchase!

How to Avoid Region Restrictions with Digital Codes?

If you find yourself in a situation where you want to use digital codes from another region or your console is set up in a different region than your current location, then there are ways around it:

  1. Create Multiple Accounts: Create an eShop account associated with the country/region where you want to download games and redeem digital codes.
  2. Change Console Region Setting: Consider changing the “Console Region” setting on your device so that it matches the one associated with the code or game you’d like to purchase.
  3. Use VPN Services: Finally consider using VPN services (Virtual Private Networks) which provide additional privacy features while simultaneously enabling connection redirection through servers based abroad- Once connected via international server it appears as if user is located in desired country.


So, are Nintendo Switch digital codes region-locked? In most cases, yes they are- dependent upon Console-region limitations that influence all stored data including virtual currency and purchases made through eShop etc.. Users should create multiple regional accounts/on-console settings changes/Virtual private networks to bypass these limits and take full advantage of everything Switch has offer from all over world although these extra steps may require more effort upfront


Sure, here are three popular FAQs with answers for “Are Nintendo Switch digital codes region-locked? Explained.”:

Are Nintendo eShop gift cards region-locked?
Answer: Yes, Nintendo eShop gift cards are region-locked to the country or region where they were purchased. Therefore, you cannot redeem an eShop card from one country in another country’s eShop.

Can I use a Japanese digital code on my US Switch or vice versa?
Answer: No, you cannot use a Japanese digital code on a US Switch or vice versa since they are region-locked. Each game title sold in the various regions of the world has its own digital code, which means that it only works with consoles of that specific regional area.

How can I buy games from other regions to play on my Switch?
Answer: You can purchase games from other regions by setting up multiple accounts on your Nintendo Switch and accessing different regional eShops using different user profiles assigned to each account. However, keep in mind that some barriers exist depending on where you live and what payment options you have available due to legal restrictions within certain countries and areas around the world.